The Fourth Dimension

This World and Spiritual World

What is the fourth dimension in the other world?

The afterlife is a world that is divided into different dimensions to live in.

When we die and return to the another world, many of us first go to the fourth dimension. So you will be reflecting on your life for a while. As early as two or three days, or as long as a hundred years, they will be there.

After that, some people go to the hell, which is the lower part of the fourth dimension, for their own decision to practice, and others realize that they are spiritual beings and ascend to the higher world.

However, if a person continues to live with the ego’s desire to be good enough for himself when he was alive, and dies after being possessed by many hell spirits, he may go straight to the hell world.

It might be more accurate to say that the person will be pulled into that world.

The fourth dimension is divided into three main worlds

The world of the fourth dimension is divided into three main parts.

The lower part, the hell world, is like a hospital.

The central part is a place for reflection on life in this world.

The upper part is inhabited by flower fairies, tree fairies, and fairies with wings. The landscape is full of colorful flowers and plants, birds and insects. It’s just like a “flower garden in heaven”.

Of course, humans also live there. Many of them are still living here, doing the same things that they did on the ground. People who were once family members or close to each other live together. They may eat three meals and whisper love to each other.

While living here, some people are born again on the ground to practice their souls. Others move on to a new, higher dimension. Higher spirits come and guide the person according to those thoughts.