Structure of the Soul

Eternal Soul

The Soul Is A Multi-Layered Structure

What is the structure of the soul?

The soul resides in our physical body, but in fact, the soul is like a garment that is covered with many layers of clothing.

For the soul, the body itself is like a piece of clothing, but it is not just the body, the soul itself is spiritually made up of many layers. To put it another way, the structure of the soul is multi-layered.

They are sometimes called the spiritual body and in theosophy, they are sometimes called the etheric body, the astral body, or the mental body.

In any case, the soul has many layers, and it is not simply divided into two parts, the body and the soul, but the soul is a spiritual body clad in many layers.

The Soul Is Clothed In A Body Suitable For Each Dimension

This world is said to be a material world with three dimensions, but the other world is divided into four to nine dimensions.

What do we need in order to live in this world? It is the body, isn’t it? Without a physical body, we cannot live in this world.

Just as we need a material body to live in the three dimension world, we need a spiritual body to live in each dimension in the other world.

By Shedding The Spiritual Body, The Soul Becomes Lighter

It is as if the soul is clothed in clothes suitable for each dimension in order to live in each dimension.

In the fourth dimension, there is a spiritual body suitable for the fourth dimension, and in the fifth dimension, there is a spiritual body suitable for the fifth dimension. The same is true for the sixth dimension and beyond. However, in the ninth dimension, such spiritual bodies disappear and the soul comes to exist as the energy of love itself.

No matter what kind of soul we are, there are many layers of spiritual bodies hidden inside of it. By shedding more and more of these spiritual bodies, the soul becomes more subtle and lighter. As we take them off one by one, the soul itself, which is the energy body of love, will be exposed and purified.

Spiritual Bodies Are Created By The Particles That Make Up Each Dimension

How is the spiritual body in each dimension created?

It is said that there are particles that make up each dimension, and that they are created using these particles.

For example, the spiritual body that we wear in the sixth dimension is made from the particles that make up the sixth dimension. When the soul is clothed with them, it is possible to live in the sixth dimension. In other words, the soul is spiritually clothed with a body that allows it to exist in that dimension.

When you look at it this way, the soul is like wearing many layers of clothing.

Each Person Has A Spiritual Body Like A Multiple Structure

Each of us lives in a different dimension of the other world. It doesn’t mean that we are great because we are in the upper world, but only that we have different roles and responsibilities.

It is a fact that different people have different origins, but this also means that the number of layers of the spiritual body the soul is clothed in also differs from person to person.

As we live in this world, we have a spiritual body that is superimposed on a lower dimension than the dimensional world we belong to in the other world.

Each one of us has such a spiritual body like a multiple structure.

We Go To Each Spiritual World To Learn While We Sleep

When we sleep, we go back to the other world to recharge our energy, but at that time we are returning to the world we belong to.

For example, if a person originally lives in the sixth dimension in the other world, he or she will return to that world when sleeping. However, it is not true that he/she only goes to the sixth dimensional world while sleeping, but he/she also goes to the lower four or five dimensional worlds.

The reason why this is possible is because the soul that resides in a three dimensional body has a four or five dimensional spiritual body.

When we are asleep, we move through each of these worlds, learn from them, and then come back to our three dimensional bodies.

In other words, while we are asleep, we travel back and forth from one spiritual world to another, and we often practice and learn by doing so.

Because of the law of wavelength sympathy, it is not easy to learn to leave the world to which you belong in the other world. However, by being born in this third dimension, we are also learning to go to the world that we don’t often go to in the afterlife while we are asleep.

The Soul Exists To Express Love

As you can see, the soul exists as a form of expression in each dimension, wearing various clothes.

Whatever form of expression it takes, it is all a manifestation of love.

The soul is the energy body of love, and it manifests itself in various ways to express love.