The World Of The Fifth Dimension

This World and Spiritual World

What is the fifth dimension in the other world?

This world is called the third dimension, but the other world is divided into spiritual layers and has a multiple structure from the fourth to the ninth dimension.

I mentioned the fourth dimensional world in the past, but this time I would like to discuss the fifth dimensional world.

People in the fourth dimension are, let’s say, like first-year students in the spiritual world, and they are not yet fully aware of the difference between the spirit and the body, and hardly distinguish it from their life on the ground. However, when they enter the fifth dimension, they begin to clearly realize that they are spiritual beings.

The fifth dimension is alive with people who have abandoned evil and chosen good, doing a terrestrial work

The fifth dimensional world, also known as the “good person world,” is a world of people who have chosen good over evil in life. Here, there are no people who hurt others or live for their own ego and greed. It is a world inhabited by people who have never spoken ill of others, who have done righteous deeds, and who have done good things in the direction of love.

It is sometimes referred to as the “spiritual world” in a narrow sense, but people who already have a strong spiritual awareness are living here, doing terrestrial work.

For example, some people work in the fields growing crops or building houses as carpenters. Of course, since it is the other world, we do not have material crops like in this world. There are what we should call spiritual crops, and that is exactly what we are doing in a spiritual sense, growing radishes and carrots.

The afterlife is a world of thoughts

The same is true for building a house. Instead of using the three-dimensional wood that we usually see, we are building a house using wood that we cannot see. The other world is a world of “thoughts,” and what you think of immediately appears, so if you think you need wood to build a house, wood will immediately appear in front of you.

In the same way that what we think of appears immediately, in the other world we will also be able to move to where we think of instantly. For example, if we wanted to go to Mt. Fuji now, we would have to travel for hours by plane, train, or car to the base of the mountain, and then climb the mountain from there.

In the fifth dimensional world, however, you don’t have to spend hours in a vehicle to get there; you can just think “Mt. Fuji,” and you will be there, whether at the foot or at the top.

It may seem strange at first, but that’s what it means to be a spiritual being, and it becomes natural for us to appear wherever we want and create whatever we want.

In the fifth dimensional world, humans are clearly aware that they are spiritual beings

Conversely, people who are aware of their spiritual existence and are doing good in this world will return to the fifth dimensional world when they die.

This is a world where people do not complain and want to do good to others, so the light is beginning to shine from their spiritual bodies and they are very bright.

Please read “Project Eden” (by Amalie) for more information on the dimensional structure of the other world.