The Birth of the Great Universe


Everything was created by the primordial God of the universe

Have you ever pondered the birth of this universe?

It may seem far away from us, but it is no different than the fact that all of God’s children have been created from the energy of love, the primordial God of the universe.

It is said that it was about 100 billion years ago that the God of the universe was attempting to create this three-dimensional universe as we see it.

However, God did not create such a three-dimensional universe in the first place, but first He created a huge divine spirit which is an energy body of love.

The next consciousness is created from a giant love energy body

It is the God of the Source who has the mission of creating the great universe. This great universe is called the Om universe, and Om is also the name of the God of the universe, and it is a twenty-dimensional entity.

It is an enormous energy body of love that we cannot even imagine, created as a divine spirit that is the projection of that God’s consciousness.

It is called the God Spirit of the thirteenth dimension.

And the thirteenth dimensional divine spirit created the twelve dimensional nebula consciousness, and the eleventh dimensional stellar consciousness was created by the twelve dimensional nebula consciousness.

Then the planetary consciousness of the tenth dimension was created by the stellar consciousness of the eleventh dimension.

In other words, the lower and lower consciousness bodies are being created by the higher consciousness bodies.

Embodiment of the three-dimensional universe after the birth of the energy body

If you trace back to that source, you will reach the God at the source of the universe, and each energy body was all divided by the energy of God’s love.

After those energy bodies were created first, each consciousness body cooperated with each other and embodied each nebula, star, planet, etc. in the three-dimensional universe.

As part of God, as a manifestation of God, everything is connected to one

It is said that the Big Bang in the three-dimensional world occurred about 13.7 billion years ago, the sun in our solar system formed as a star about 10 billion years ago, and the earth was born as a star about 4.5 billion years ago.

Thus, the birth of the universe was first caused by the thoughts of God, and it has developed from there.

After that, the personal spirits called angels were differentiated from God in the universe and were created.

And from those spirits, many souls were born, and each one of them is us.

Our souls are part of that which has been divided in that way from the loving energy of the Great Cosmic God.

Each of us is a part of God and all are connected beings as manifestations of God.