The Unseen World

This World and Spiritual World

The other world is invisible to the physical eye

Every one of our souls is born from the other world to dwell in the body of this world.

To our souls, the other world is the original world. But when you live in this world, you don’t feel the reality of the other world at all.

Some people say, “The other world is completely invisible, isn’t it?”
This is natural, because all we can see with our physical body is the material world, the three dimensional world. The other world is a world of energy, and it is natural that it is invisible to the eye.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist because we can’t see it, but if we shed our physical body, it becomes visible to us as well. Because even though the body is gone, the soul has a spiritual eye.

To the eternal soul, this world is a fleeting moment

To the soul, this world is more temporary.

Souls spend most of the time in the other world, and the other world is called the real world, but for the eternal souls, their time in this world is really short considering their long history.

All of their experiences are stored in their souls. Nothing is wasted.

We are born in this world for a while and return to the other world after a few decades of life.

We go back and forth between this world and the other world and continue our eternal journey.