The World Of Hell

This World and Spiritual World

It is the world of hell that tries to spread distrust by inciting fear and anxiety. Hell is not a fiction. It is a world that actually exists in the afterlife and was created by us humans.

Originally, there was no hell on the Earth. As people were reborn on the ground, there were more and more people who were attracted to material things and lived according to their own desires.

Such people could not return to the world they were originally living in before they were born, and ended up creating a dim world in the afterlife. This is the beginning of the world of hell. It is a world that we humans have created of our own free will, and it is not something that originally existed in God’s world.

Even if someone goes to hell, if they reflect there, they can return to the original world. Hell is like a place for the soul to reflect.

However, there are those who stay in the hell and actively try to do evil. The hell world is part of the fourth dimension of the other world. It is the spirits of hell that creep up to those who have a hellish mind among those who are living in the three dimensional material world of ground.

There is a law that things on the same wavelength attract each other. If the antennae of the mind of a person living on the ground are pointing in a hellish direction, they can catch it and come closer. And then they take the energy away. It is like a vampire.

The world of hell is dark, cold, damp, and full of lust.The world of hell is a dark, cold, dank, and lustful place where violence and force dominate and harm others, and where anxiety and fear swirl in the air. There is no peace of mind.

What is the state of your mind’s antenna now? Are you haunted by such hellish things? I always try to remember that there is a heaven and a hell in my mind, and to keep my mind in check.