The World Of The Seventh Dimension

This World and Spiritual World

A Practitioner Of Love In Serving Others

The world of the seventh dimension in the other world is, in a word, the world of “Practice of Love”. It is also known as the “bodhisattva world”.

It is a world inhabited by people who, when they were born on the ground, contributed to the evolution of the human race and, as outstanding beings, devoted themselves to the happiness of more people in their actions. It is a world of people who are filled with altruism, the desire to serve others.

They are also excellent leaders who save people and transform society through concrete practical actions, and are often active as leaders in various fields.

Examples include Ryoma Sakamoto, Kaishu Katsu and Shoin Yoshida who were active during the Meiji Restoration, Henry Ford and Rockefeller, Mozart, Wagner and Soseki Natsume in the arts, Helen Keller and Nightingale, and Miki Nakayama as a religious figure.

Another person often cited is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa is often cited as the embodiment of the practice of love, as she devoted her life to helping people suffering from illness and poverty.

The Role Of The Seventh Dimension

There are people in the seventh dimension who have finished creating themselves and are now constantly thinking about how to make the most of themselves for the benefit of others. What do they actually do?

It is said that there are about 20,000 people in the seventh dimension. About 60% of them are religious people, and the rest are practicing love in various fields such as education, medical care, politics, philosophy, art, and science. About 2,000 people, or 10% of the 20,000 people, have been born in various countries on the ground and are active as leaders of the times in various countries and in their respective fields.

Their role is also to support people from the ninth and eighth dimensions when they are born on the ground and preach the Law, and to spread that Law. They may also play a role in rebuilding the Law that was brought down to the ground.

A World Living For The Practical Action Of Selfless Love

In the seventh dimension of the other world, each field of study has its own village, and about forty or fifty people live together in one village.

They are already specialists in their own field, but they also learn and teach each other from other villagers. They are trying to broaden themselves and grow further.

The world of the seventh dimension is inhabited by people who know where God’s will is, who know the divine truth, who have as their mission and role to save people with God’s will as their own heart, and who live for the practical action of selfless love.