How To Live From Now On As The Children Of God – Toward The Space Age (3/3)

Children of God

Living In Resonance With The Love Of God In The Universe

In The Awareness Of Being A Child Of God

Once we have learned what laws govern this Universe and what we are fundamentally like, each of us can now live in resonance with that divine love in our daily lives.

This means to live with the awareness of being a child of God and a child of love.

We are children created by God who created the Universe.

Each one of us is a part of God, given a unique individuality, and created to express love.

Live Your Own Thoughts Over God’s thoughts

The macrocosm is filled with the energy of love that animates and nurtures all beings.

Being a child of God means that we are originally connected to God, the source of the Universe.

However, as per the law of attraction, without the thought of love, we cannot connect to the thoughts of God.

God encompasses this entire macrocosm from corner to corner with overwhelming love.

We can resonate with that divine love, connect with it, and live with it.

We can live our lives by overlapping our own thoughts with God’s love.

In this process, what kind of love can we specifically express and how can we express love hand in hand with other children of God?

It is up to each one of us. It is not something that is commanded to be done this way or that way, but in whatever way or manner you choose.

There are ways to express love that only you can do, and God is pleased with each expression of love.

Respect And Make Alive Each Other

We do not live alone. Nor can we live alone.

Whether it is a family or a society, we do not exist alone. We live together with others. Each is an irreplaceable child of the same God.

However, each of us has a different personality and may have different thoughts, ideas, and values.

These differences may cause conflicts, quarrels, and disagreements. Love is not about clashing and hurting each other, but about respecting each other and making alive each other.

Making alive means respecting each other.

It is the opposite of love to give one’s own thoughts and feelings to the other person, and if they do not go one’s way, then to hurt or kill the other person.

Each person also has his or her own free will. Just as you yourself are a child of God, the other person is also a child of God and a manifestation of God’s life.

By making alive each other and living in mutual respect, there will be harmony.

God hopes for great harmony and continues to love us.

Sharing, Not Monopolizing

On a planet more evolved than Earth, the necessities of life are shared by people for free at places like centers.

Even food and drink are shared out of gratitude for each other, rather than money being exchanged between the provider and the receiver.

There is no egoistic desire to monopolize and feel good about oneself.

If someone is in need of something, they share it with others and support each other.

Today, the Earth is overflowing with more goods than we need. In some countries, these things are not consumed to the full and are simply thrown away, while in other countries, people are constantly starving because they have nothing to eat that day.

If we realize that sharing is a natural and joyful thing for children of God, we can create a society where everyone can live in peace instead of such an unbalanced society.

Anxiety about what may happen in the future. Fear that our lives may be in danger. Such anxieties and fears may cause us to store up more than we need, and in times of emergency, we may feel a strong desire to protect only our own lives and those of our family members. However, physical life is not something that we should go to such lengths to protect.

Instead of clinging to our physical life in this world, we should simply return to the other world when we die.

Rather than such things, we should be much more afraid of losing sight of our divinity as children of God and living kicking others down the road with our ego thoughts.

Forgiving Each Other, Not Judging

No one human being is perfect, right?

We all make mistakes in our lives, and we all commit sins and mistakes.

Of course, we must take responsibility for our own sins and mistakes, but we should forgive, not condemn, others for their sins and mistakes.

This is because God does not punish or judge each person for his or her sins and mistakes, but continues to forgive.

God does not condemn us for our failures, but only warmly watches over us and continues to forgive us forever.

In today’s society, people who have committed even a single sin or mistake are often labeled as criminals or failures, and rather than warmly supporting their rehabilitation and reemergence into society, they are often coldly looked upon with unforgiveness.

But no one is a failure.

When we look back on ourselves, there is no one who has never made a single mistake, not only in this life but also in the long history of our souls.

Still, we have been forgiven, pardoned, and looked after in warm love, haven’t we?

In light of this, instead of condemning and judging one another, we should be kind enough to consider the pain and difficulty of the other person and be able to encourage and support him or her.

As One Family Living On Earth

Humans are created to feel sincere pleasure in living for the happiness of others.

Normally, we think that living for ourselves leads to our own happiness.

However, this is not true. If you live for the happiness of someone else, you can truly feel happiness many times greater than if you live for your own happiness.

It does not matter what country, race, religion, etc., we are all children of the same God living on this one Earth, and to live loving each other for each other’s happiness is the true happiness for mankind.

Instead of pointing weapons at each other across national boundaries, hurting each other, and fighting wars, we need to graduate from such barren conflicts and live in harmony, united by love as one earthly family.

For The Evolution And Development Of Other Stars And The Universe

The time will eventually come when this feeling of love will expand beyond ourselves and even beyond our planet Earth, where we live, and we will live as earthlings for the happiness of people on other planets.

Now, many people may still have a hard time believing in UFOs or aliens. However, eventually aliens will clearly reveal themselves and interact with us.

The reason they do not show themselves clearly is because we earthlings are young and savage.

Whatever they may look like, they are children of God just like us, created as the divided spirits of the God of the macrocosm. We are one family, brothers and sisters in this Universe.

And they are like our predecessors who are walking ahead of us. In fact, there are people in the Universe who have left their home planet to work for the evolution and development of other stars and share their love with others.

We on Earth will eventually become such “space angels,” walking from star to star and contributing to the evolution and development of the entire macrocosm.

Toward such a space age, we, as children of God, need to resonate with the love of the Universe and live in love with one another. And to make our planet a planet of such love.

This is what is required of each and every one of us living on the Earth today.