The macrocosm is not a good-evil dualism, but a world of light unity


Good-evil dualism is an elementary level stage in the universe

Why is there such a thing as good and evil on the Earth?

It’s also called good-evil dualism, but the reason why it’s so prevalent is because the Earth is still an elementary school planet.

The great universe is a world of one love and one light. There is essentially no such thing as dualism.
One might say that good and evil are darkness against light. It was never the God of the universe that created evil or darkness.

The reason why such evil and darkness manifests itself is, simply put, because people are immature.

On a planet where many people are not yet aware of their divinity as children of God, the result of people’s abuse of their God-given free will is what is called evil or darkness.

The great universe is full of overwhelming love and light

The great universe is filled with the thoughts of God’s overwhelming love and overwhelming light.

With such an infinite amount of love, the energy that evil and darkness give off is not even a fraction of a point.

The dualism of good and evil is that it is not only on this planet where we live, but also on other underdeveloped stages of the planet. It is also true that there is such a thing as a developing one.

But again, such a shadow is not of God’s making. The same is true of hell. Hell has never been created by God.
It is we humans ourselves who have created such a thing.

Hurting and killing each other doesn’t help you as a result. Wishing for others to be happy is also a way to be happy for yourself.

If we can learn that in a real sense, then hell will be gone. This is because if we learn it, there will be no one who is willing to hurt others or find a purpose in life to make others unhappy.

In this way, the time has come to make the Earth a planet of love and light at one and the same time.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is why we have life and are alive.