Dreaming in Sleep is an Experience in the Spirit World

This World and Spiritual World

When we’re asleep, we’re slipping out of our bodies

The other world is not a completely different world for human beings; it is an extension of this world.

It is not that we cannot go there unless we die.

In fact, every day, when we are asleep, we are leaving our bodies and going to the other world.

Dreams in REM sleep are experiences in the spirit world

There are two types of dreams: the ones created by our surface consciousness, and the ones we experience in the spirit world.

For example, in the dreams created by the surface mind, we look back on the events of the day and the people we met that day come up.

Experiences in the spirit world, on the other hand, occur during deep sleep, known as REM sleep. During deep sleep, which comes around periodically every two or three hours, the soul has left the body. And it is returning to the other world.

Some people may wonder if the soul that has left the body can come back to the body properly. But the soul and the body are connected to the body by the spirit line, so the soul can return to the body properly.

From the point of view of the spirits in the other world, people who come from this world have that line attached to them, so they know that this person is from the ground.

To remember the other world

Why do we return to the other world in our sleep?

It is so that we will not forget about the other world and also to recover our energy.

For us, the other world is our original world, and when we die, we all return to the other world. However, when we dwell in the physical body, our spiritual functions are quite limited. Therefore, we almost forget about the spiritual world.

Then, after we die, we won’t be able to return to the other world smoothly, so the spirit body is separated from the body while we sleep in order to avoid forgetting about the other world.

Recharging energy in the afterlife

And it is also very much a recharge of energy.

Spiritual energy is, in a sense, like a smartphone.

Your smartphone may be close to 100% charged when you wake up in the morning, but it gets less and less as you go through your day. .In the evening and at night, it’s down to 40% and 30%. In the evening and at night, it’s down to 40% and 30%. And if we recharge it again, it’s 90% or 100%.

In the same way, our spirit body has less energy by the end of the day, so when our spirit body slips out during sleep, it absorbs the energy from the light of the spirit sun in the other world and recharges it.

In other words, it is like we are astral projection every night.

Dreams like flying through the air are experiences in the other world

Whether the dream is an experience in the other world or not, for example, do you ever dream that you are flying in the sky or something like that?

A dream that involves such things as moving through space is an experience in the other world, where the soul has left the body and is experiencing it in the other world.

Also, if you meet an acquaintance in a dream, the other person has also left the body and is meeting and talking to each other in the other world as well, or you are talking to another spirit person, but when translated into surface consciousness, you are recognized by the face of that acquaintance.