The Structure Of The Spiritual World According To “Dimensions” And “The Color Of God’s Light”

This World and Spiritual World

While this world is the three dimensional world of matter, the other world is the spiritual world.

The other world is divided into the fourth to ninth dimensional worlds according to the subtlety of the vibrations. The world of the ninth dimension has the most subtle vibrations.

The other world is a vast and boundless world with a multiple structure of various worlds.

It is a “vertical” difference due to the dimensional structure from the fourth to the ninth dimension, as well as a “horizontal” difference due to the color of God’s rays.

The divine light sent to Earth is divided like a prism in the spirit world of the ninth dimension, and is then sent down to each dimension. We belong to one of the color spirit groups depending on the individuality of each soul.

In both dimensional structure and the color of God’s rays, the other world is a place where people of similar vibrations live together under the law of attraction.

When one lives in the three dimensional world clad in a physical body, one may not feel the vibrations of a person very much. However, upon death in this world and shedding the physical body, one is in the original state of only the soul. The vibrations of the soul are stripped bare.

The vibrations emitted by the soul are the difference between each individual. In the afterlife, each of them dwells in a different place due to these differences.

Nevertheless, they do not exist in isolation and in pieces. The spirit world of Earth is one world that contains a wide variety of worlds. The souls living on Earth are like a family living on the same planet.