The World Of The Sixth Dimension

This World and Spiritual World

What is the sixth dimension in the other world?

In the other world, the world called the sixth dimension, people who are called gods have been living there for a long time.

It is also known as the “God World,” but it is a world where there are people who are enshrined in so-called shrines, not the God who created this universe. In other words, they are the gods of local religions.

There are also many people who have evolved within their own professions. For example, there are scholars, professors, doctors, lawyers, politicians, artists, and others who have specialized in their field.

Of course, it does not mean that you can go to the sixth dimension just by working in such professions, but it is a prerequisite that you strive for self-improvement and live a good life while you are still alive in this world.

Knowing the Divine Truth is the theme of the sixth dimension

In other words, the world of the sixth dimension is a world in search of “knowledge,” and what kind of knowledge is that? It is not a collection of terrestrial knowledge, but the knowledge of “Divine Truth.”

Divine truth is the law that pervades the universe, and it is the people who live in the sixth dimension who are improving themselves and making efforts to know God’s heart and God’s thoughts.

There are different stages in the sixth dimensional world, and in the upper stages, there are people called the “Shoten-Zenjin”. For example, Daikokuten and Bishamonten.

In addition, there are people who have attained enlightenment in the sixth dimension or higher, and whose role is to work in the upper stages of the sixth dimension. Their role is to oversee and organize the sixth dimension.

Arhats are those who are practicing in the upper stages of the sixth dimension in order to become bodhisattvas

On the other hand, those who are at the upper stage of the sixth dimension in the process of cultivation are called “arahants” and are practicing to become bodhisattvas. These people have already established themselves in one direction, and are about to enter the next step of helping others.

To sum it up, the sixth dimension is a world where people aim to evolve and create themselves in a certain specialized field, and the main theme is “knowledge”. And that knowledge is not earthly knowledge, but divine knowledge, and the goal is to know the thoughts of God.

Such a world is called the sixth dimension.

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