Unveiling the Truth of Men and Women

Man and Woman

Why are people divided into men and women?

Have you ever wondered why humans are divided into men and women?

Why is the human gender divided into male and female? It’s not just humans, but if you look at other animals, they often exist divided into males and females.

Some people might think that they are divided into men and women, male and female, in order to leave offspring. It’s true that males alone cannot bear children, and that’s the same for females alone.

But we are not divided into men and women for that reason alone, it is something that is deeply related to our existence.

The two souls, which were fundamentally one, were divided into man and woman

When human beings are alive, they tend to think that the body is themselves, but this is not true. The real self is the soul that dwells in the body.

You may rarely be aware of it, but the soul is in the body, and even if the body is burned up and gone, the soul will never disappear, it will live on forever.

The fact that you exist means that there is a moment when you yourself were created as a soul. Imagine that moment. At that moment, one soul was divided into male and female souls.

Fundamentally, the soul that was one was divided into male and female souls. What was originally one is now divided into two, and we exist as male and female, respectively.

In the evolution of the soul, there is a process of learning that divides men and women

What is the soul? It is the energy of love that has become individualized. It is the soul that has an individuality as the energy of love and lives in eternity. Then, why was the original one energy body divided into man and woman?

The reason for this is that men live as men and women live as women, so that we can first learn from each other.

Masculinity can be summed up in one word: “positivity”. It is also known as yang consciousness, and it is the outward energy that actively transmits love and develops society.

On the other hand, if we were to sum up femininity in one word, it would be “acceptance”. It is an inward energy that accepts and embraces the love transmitted by positivity. It is the power of femininity that can transform that accepted energy and create yet another energy, which is called yin consciousness.

In this way, each man and woman can grow and progress and develop as they deepen their learning of the energy they each possess. It is such a process in the evolutionary process of the soul.

The energy at the root of the universe is a unity of men and women

The root energy of the universe is not separate from male and female. It is the energy of both male and female as one.

If you think of a flower, for example, you can see that it has both stamens and pistils. In one flower, there is a stamen (male) and a pistil (female) at the same time, making a single flower.

In the same way, the primordial energy of the universe is a union of male and female, and when we finish our separate and distinct soul practices, we will come to live together with a partner who complements us and has a common energy magnetic field.

That partner is called a “soul partner,” and there is a deep, deep, fundamental half of the soul in each of us that draws on each other like a magnet pulls on each other. It’s not that there are a number of those partners, but that there is one soul partner for each soul, divided into men and women.

A stage of learning, growth and evolution in each gender

Most of us on Earth today are not yet at the stage of meeting our soul partners and living out our mission together, but on other evolved planets, some people are already living as one man and woman in this way.

Until we reach that stage, we must first realize, learn, and evolve into the original energy of men as men and women as women.