How To Live From Now On As The Children Of God – Toward The Space Age (1/3)

Children of God

A Heartfelt Question For Life

How should human beings live?

As long as we live, we will probably face this question at least once or twice.

Looking back on my own life, there was a time when I was young when I was suffering and troubled because I did not know the answer to that question.

While we are often influenced by worldly values and social norms, I am sure that some of us have questions about what is the true way of life as a human being.

Even if you have never been clearly aware of such questions, you may still feel a sense of discomfort in the back of your mind that “something is different” about your current way of life.

It is natural that there are 100 different lives and ways of living for every 100 people. But what is the true way of life in accordance with human nature?

How should we live from the perspective of the Earth in the Universe, in anticipation of the coming of the “Space Age,” an era in which we will join hands with aliens from other planets as children of the same God?

I would like to summarize these issues in my own way over the next several articles.

Understanding The Divine Truth

The first is to understand the divine truth.

Divine truth is the universal law that pervades this macrocosm.

It is the providence that is determined by God of the Universe and flows throughout the entire Universe.

It is up to each individual to decide whether to believe in it or not.

However, regardless of whether one accepts it or not, divine providence is a law that universally flows through the macrocosm. It is the very heart of God.

To live life without knowing divine truth is like a ship setting sail without a compass.

In this sense, I believe it is very important to first know divine truth.

A Spiritual Being Given Everlasting Life

What kind of being is a human being essentially?

Living without understanding it is like living in a sleep.

The material body and brain are not who we are; human beings are spiritual beings called souls.

The soul is the true nature of human beings, a being that has been given everlasting life and continues to live.

It is never the case that when the physical body dies, it is all over and we are left in darkness and nothingness.

Reincarnation Between This World And The Other World

We are born into this world, and when we finish our lives, we return to the other world.

Then, after a lapse of time, we are born again into this world from the other world.

In this way, we are repeatedly reborn on the ground to deepen the learning of our souls.

When we are born, we erase the memories of the other world, so we remember little of the other world. However, when we return to the other world, we remember everything about it.

Every Being In The Macrocosm Is A Child Of God

We are children of God, created by the God of the Universe.

It is not only human beings, but also animals, plants, stars, and everything else that exists in the Universe is created as a child of God.

Each child of God exists to love and express love to one another in his or her own unique way.

Every child of God is an expression of God, a part of God, in which the life of God breathes.

God Is The Energy Of Love That Fills The Macrocosm

God is the energy of love that created everything in the macrocosm.

God is the source of all life in the macrocosm, animating and nurturing all beings.

He warmly watches over the growth and evolution of His children, forgiving all and loving all.

God does not ask for anything, but simply surrounds everything with His overwhelming love.

The Law Of Cause And Effect

There are not that many laws in the Universe. The two most common are the law of cause and effect and the law of attraction.

The law of cause and effect means that everything has a cause and an effect.

This may seem obvious, but it means that everything that happens has a cause. It can be said that there is no such thing as coincidence in this Universe.

A cause brings about a result, which in turn causes the next cause, which in turn causes the next result, and so on.

In this way, the Universe unfolds through a continuous chain of causes and effects, and it is the same in our lives.

The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is that waves of the same vibrations attract each other and waves of different vibrations repel each other.

It is said that “like attracts like,” which is exactly what this phrase means.

What we think in our hearts on a daily basis is invisible to our eyes, but it is transmitted as energy itself.

People who emit the same vibrations as the energy of our thoughts and feelings are attracted to each other as if by a magnet.

Knowing The Divine Truth Unravels The Original Way Of Life As Children Of God

What Is Truly Important Is The Soul, Not The Body

Humans are not all about the material body. We are spiritual beings of souls who are given everlasting life, and the material body is like a vehicle.

When the role of the body ends with our lifespan, we leave it and return to the other world.

When we understand this, we realize that although we should be grateful for the use of our body, we should not cling to it or be attached to it.

What is truly important is the soul. Even if the body is gone, our existence will not disappear. Some people may assume that we have a fleeting, finite life and that everything ends when we die. But people are not such ephemeral beings.

The time of human life is eternal.

Each Soul Is Reincarnated On The Ground With Their Own Challenges

Saying goodbye to family and friends through death is truly painful. However, they have only gone back to the other world one step ahead of us. There is no need to be sad and suffer more than necessary, knowing that you too will see them again when you return to the other world.

In the next life, when they are reincarnated on the ground, they can be reunited as a family again, and there is no such thing as eternal separation.

Whether it is family or friends, each soul has its own history, its own challenges, and its own practices.

With this perspective, we will be able to respect each person’s life and learning. We will be able to look warmly at each person who has been born into this world and feel as if they are our friends who are living in the present moment together.

We Are A Family Living On One Earth, Children Of The Same God

As each of us goes through a long, long cycle of reincarnation, we are not born only in the same country or the same region. We have been reborn in many different countries and regions.

If you know this, you also realize the sterility of fighting over differences in country, race, and religion.

Even though there are differences in physical appearance, language, customs, and beliefs, there may have been times in the past when we ourselves were born in those countries and learned the same lessons.

By nature, there is no need for national borders. We are all children of the same God living on the same Earth, and all of us, including animals and plants, are one family.

There may still be people in the world who are fighting because of differences in religion, because of differences in the gods they believe in. However, there is one God of the Universe, and all are children of the same God.

Even the saviors and deities in each religion were figures who have been leading humanity from a God-like standpoint. But such evolved people are also not God itself, but leaders of the earth who have been preaching God’s teachings through their respective personalities.

We have been learning those teachings and have been deepening our soul’s learning and encouraging our growth and evolution until now.

-To be continued…