What’s important is invisible to the eye

This World and Spiritual World

What’s important is invisible to the eye

What is important to us cannot be proven to exist at any given time.

For example, everyone thinks that love is important, but no one can say that they have seen that love.
It is something that we cannot hold in our hands or show it to anyone else that this is love.

But love does indeed exist, and I myself am one who believes in its existence.

Love is like the wind

For example, can you see the presence of the wind? Can you touch it? No, you can’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t believe in the wind.

Still, it’s not hard to believe in the existence of the wind. If the leaves of the trees swayed, you would think the wind passed through them.

If it touches your body, you feel that the wind has blown there.

But you cannot put it in a bottle and show people that this is the wind.

In other words, love is also like the wind.

You can feel that love is there, although you can’t objectively prove its existence.

What is important to humans is in the real world and cannot be proven on the ground

As such, many of the things that are important to humans do not fit into the proof of existence.

The same is true of God, love, beauty, harmony, courage, hope, etc., all of which exist in the universe and cannot be proven on the ground.

This is because they are in the world after the fourth dimension, which is called the real world. This is because they are not something that can be proven using materials in the third dimension.

For example, the God of the universe is said to be a being of the 20th dimension, so it is impossible to prove his existence with the standard of the third dimension.

This is the meaning of the word “faith”. Faith is believing, sensing and accepting its existence.

And it is to respect the Great One and try to live for that Great One.