The World Of The Eighth Dimension

This World and Spiritual World

God’s Agents To Create An Era And Culture

The world called the eighth dimension in the other world is also called the “Nyorai World”. The word “Nyorai” also means a being like God coming to us. In the Christian world, it is a being called an archangel.

The Nyorai is an agent of God, a being that makes us feel like God Himself. While the population of the Earth’s spiritual world is said to be between 50 and 55 billion, there are only less than 500 Nyorai in the eighth dimension.

The Buddha is often born in a concentrated time when the Law is being preached on the ground. In a sense, they are like one giant mountain that rises in an era, and they are born to create a culture, the height of an era. They are the ones who can preach the laws that will become the foundation of a new and unique civilization.

These are the people who work to bring fundamental ideas to the world and create an era, and their influence is enormous. Even if they were not so highly regarded when they were alive, there are people who are highly regarded after their death.

The People In The Eighth Dimension

Those who are in the eighth dimension are those who have established themselves as leaders, who have a good track record of teaching, and who have a very good ideological background.

For example, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in Greece, Lao Tzu and Sumi Tzu in China, the Archangel Michael and the other seven archangels, John the Baptist and Elijah in Christianity, and Masaharu Taniguchi and Amenominakanusi in Japan are said to be eight dimensional beings.

We can’t see God Himself, but we can sense His presence through the appearance of the Nyorai.Those in the eighth dimension are also the ones who are allowed to tell us what God is and to preach the Law.

Many of those teachings teach that human beings are spiritual beings, and are often accompanied by some spiritual phenomena.

There are also people who are charismatic and influential, such as Napoleon, who is an eighth dimensional being. There are people who can become the spirit of the era by demonstrating the power of action on such a large scale.

Contribute To The Evolution And Development Of Humanity As A Global Educator

In the end, the Nyorai exist for the education of humanity and contribute to the evolution and development of humanity from a global perspective.

Bodhisattvas of the seventh dimension and below are, in a sense, sent to the ground for compulsory education, but the Nyorai is not, and is reincarnated of his own free will to cultivate a higher level of cognition.

The eighth dimensional world in the other world is inhabited by people who can preach the Law as the basis for a new era, and who are active as educators of humanity on a global scale.