How To Live a Life Full of Harmony and Love by Adjusting the Vibrations of the Heart


The human heart is like a radio transmitter and receiver.

Thoughts are sent and received like invisible radio waves.

Human thoughts are energy. We live giving and receiving its influence to each other in both good and bad sense.

You may suddenly become frustrated or angry for no reason. This is because your heart is being rattled by the thoughts of hatred, jealousy, and dissatisfaction that people are giving off.

If we ourselves are influenced by such thoughts and generate evil thoughts in the same way, we are still immature as human beings. How can we adjust our own hearts and minds to the vibration of love and harmony that flows in the Universe?

In the course of a day, we come into contact with a variety of people and information, and the vibrations of our hearts are often disturbed and become rough.

As a person living in today’s society, it is better to have some methods to restore that rough heart. For this purpose, I practice the following.

  • Get into nature
  • Place plants in the room
  • Read books about the Divine Truth
  • Listen to music that makes me feel calm

The green energy of nature is full of harmony, so by taking it in, the vibrations of your heart will be in tune.

Words are energy itself, so reading books and words filled with light replenishes the heart with light.

And since sound is vibration itself, listening to heavenly, peaceful music, rather than the wild music that stirs our desires, will naturally condition our hearts.

This is how I adjust the vibrations of my heart.
If you have any suggestions on how to adjust your heart, please let me know.