How To Live From Now On As The Children Of God – Toward The Space Age (2/3)

Children of God

Change Your Thoughts And Deeds

Shift To The Original Way Of Life As A Child Of God

Many of us live without knowing the divine truth.

Of course, we can live without knowing it. But to live without knowing it is like walking along a dark road at night without any light, toward a distant destination.

If we know the universal laws that pervade this macrocosm and know who we fundamentally are, then our thoughts and deeds will change. In other words, the way of life will change.

We shift from a life of being lost, suffering, and troubled, not knowing how to live, to our original way of life as children of God.

Our lives are made up of the accumulation of our daily thoughts and deeds. So if we change them, we can change our life itself.

Have Bright Thoughts And Speak Bright Words

We, the children of God, have been given creative power by God. It is the power to materialize our thoughts.

Life is also about creation. If we think only negative and backward thoughts in our minds, we will actually create such a dark life.

Our soul is full of light, round and bright like the Sun.

As long as we live day by day, we sometimes have dark thoughts. How can we turn them into bright thoughts?

If we can look at everything in a positive way, our hearts will never be filled with darkness.

When we have bright thoughts, bright words will come out of our mouths.

What are bright words?

They are words filled with hope, kindness, joy, and light.

Words that insult, belittle, or curse are never bright.

Do Not Get Attached

Dark thoughts can also be called gloomy thoughts.

For example, regretting past failures for a long time, and thinking, “I should have done that,” is also an attachment.

Do not be too attached to one thing at any time, and let everything flow smoothly like a stream.

Even in a river, where the flow is stagnant, the water becomes bad. In the same way, when there is attachment, the mind becomes stagnant.

The same is true for attachment to material things.

No matter how much money you have, you cannot bring it back to the other world. Also, if we know that the spiritual existence of the soul is our own, even this body is not something to be attached to.

If your life span has come to an end, you can quickly return to the other world without leaving any unresolved feelings for this world.

Even if the body is burned, it does not mean that the human being will die. There is nothing sad about knowing that we will return to our original state and continue to live.

Do Not Blame Others

When inconvenient things happen, it is tempting to blame someone else.

Nevertheless, I dare to say that we should not blame others.

As long as this world is governed by the law of cause and effect, you are the cause of the result.

There is no point in blaming others. You may blame others because you are not aware of what the cause was yourself.

Even if you are aware of the cause, you may blame others because you do not want to admit it to yourself.

Let’s stop blaming others.

Instead of defending yourself and trying to avoid responsibility, accept everything that happens to you, and your life will truly shine.

Do Not Speak Ill Of Others

Who wants to be bad-mouthed?

There may be a very rare person who does, but I don’t think most people want that.

In this Universe, what you do will surely come back to you someday.

That means that if you speak ill of someone, one day someone will speak ill of you.

Sometimes we are told, “Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you.” It is a law of the Universe that what you do, whether it is good or bad, will come back to you.

Do not Grumble Or Complain

Grumbling and complaining are, simply put, grievances.

If you let them out, you may feel refreshed at the time. But in the end, they are nothing but selfish thoughts, in other words, ego.

For example, when you complain that someone is not doing what you want or not working the way you want, you are not showing consideration for that person, but rather, you are giving priority to your own convenience.

What you should really be saying is “Thank you”, not complaining.

Be Grateful And Say Thank You

Gratitude comes when we realize that what we used to take for granted is not really what we take for granted.

The things we take for granted are provided by someone else’s work, and are made possible by someone else’s support.

Even the buses and trains we take every day are only possible because of the work of the drivers and staff of the operating companies that provide the service.

Some may say, “We pay for the service, so we deserve it,” but that is not really the norm.

Without the existence of the people who support that obviousness, we would not be able to receive services.

If we look at it from a larger perspective, that is true for sunlight, water, and even the ground.

The Sun and the Earth continue to give us what we need to live without compensation.

If we think about this, we may feel gratitude toward them.

We may have taken these things for granted and lived our lives without gratitude, but if we realize how much we have been given and kept alive, we will be filled with a sense of gratitude.

Let us send out that gratitude every day. Let us say thank you in our hearts to the Sun and to the Earth on which we live.

Do not Get Frustrated

I think that frustration is often caused by dissatisfaction with someone.

I think the true nature of frustration is that we cannot suppress the dissatisfaction that wells up in our hearts and we take it out on the person we are frustrated with.

When we calmly consider where frustration comes from, we realize that it is born from the desire to move others as we wish and the desire to get something in return.

We children of God are given free will and are free to think and do whatever we want. No one can force us to do anything.

Before taking out your frustration on the other person, stop and put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about their situation. Then you will realize that the person has his or her own current circumstances and free will. That realization, in other words, is compassion, isn’t it?

If you can have that kind of compassion and kindness in your heart, you will have generosity, and you will not be irritated by little things.

Praise And Admire Each Other

Some people may find it difficult to praise someone. However, when you find something good about a person, you should tell him or her that he or she is wonderful.

No one feels bad about being praised, and it is the way of God’s world that we recognize and praise each other for people’s strengths and virtues.

We, God’s children, have been given unique personalities by God, each one of us, without exception, in this Universe. Embedded within each of us is a wonderful power of love that can be demonstrated only because of who we are.

If there are people who cannot honestly recognize the greatness of others and become jealous, it is because they have not yet discovered their own greatness.

When you can find your own greatness, you can find greatness in others.

Others have greatness that you don’t have.

There is no sense of inferiority.

Your own greatness and the greatness of others are different. There is not a relationship of superiority or inferiority, but rather a relationship of mutual complementation.

I believe that by combining the splendor of each, greater splendor and colorful harmony is realized in this world and Universe.

Be Humble

When you succeed, thank those around you, not yourself. When you fail, accept that it is your fault, not the fault of those around you.

The desire to make yourself great is the opposite of humility.

A person who is willing to learn from anyone and anything is a person who knows his or her own immaturity and knows that he or she is a being in the process of evolution.

No matter how perfect we may seem to be, we are not God, but children of God.

Even though each of us is a precious child of God, we are not perfect, we have flaws, and we are still in the process of growing and evolving to become more like God.

It is said that “there is always someone better than you.” Knowing this, we must be humble and realize that the idea of our own greatness is nothing more than hubris.

-To be continued…