What is an Arhat?

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What is an Arhat?

Have you ever heard of the word “Arhat”?

An Arhat is a stage of enlightenment in Buddhism, a state of being.

The Arhat stage is the gateway to enter the bodhisattva world of the seventh dimension from the sixth dimension, which is the stage where one has achieved a certain degree of personal development.

If your heart is surging, you are not yet in the state of Arhat

For example, it is not the state of an Arhat if you are in a state where people say nasty things to you and your head is full of blood and your heart is in a big wave.

The same is also true if you are frustrated because people around you don’t listen to what you say.

Whether or not you have a mind that is not upset by the words and actions of others. That’s the measure of the Arhat’s state of mind. Whether or not you can keep your mind unshaken. That is one of the proofs that you are able to create yourself.

It may be difficult to live without being shaken at all, because many things happen every day in life.

But if your mind is shaken, how quickly can you quiet it? Can you harmonize your mind peacefully?

This is a painful thing if the wave is going on for a month or two, isn’t it? Can the waves subside in a day or two and you can forget about them already? If your mind is forever in great turmoil, you cannot say that you are in the state of Arhat.

To put it another way, can you manage your mind in that way? I think that’s a good indication of the state of the Arhat.

The reason for the fall from Arhat is to be arrogant

If you get to Arhat, it doesn’t mean that the person has already reached a very high point and won’t fall down.

Yet at this stage of the process, the mind can be shaken and fall backwards.

Much of the reason for this is a feeling of increased pride in ourselves as great.

When we think, “I’ve realized what I am,” and we forget to be humble, that’s when the fall begins.

If you can see the thought, “I’m a great person, so listen to me,” then you can’t be called an Arhat.

Your mind will be harmonized and inspired by your guardian spirit

When you reach the state of Arhat, your mind is always calm, harmonious and pure.

Therefore, when you are in such a state, your mind naturally becomes more in touch with your own guardian spirit, and it is easier to receive inspiration from your guardian spirit.

You will also be able to see the feelings of others in your day-to-day life in a handful of ways. You will be able to sense how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

This is the stage where you can say that you have reached the stage of perfection as a human being.

It is said that anyone can reach the state of the Arhat, so we should check our own daily mental thoughts and actions, and if there are waves in our minds, we should immediately contain them.

I think just being aware of such things will change the way you live and your sense of happiness a lot.

Beyond the Arhat is the state of indomitable spirit

Then, as you proceed beyond the Arhat, you will reach a state of mind that is known as indomitable spirit.

When you come to this point, there is no more mind-shaking. It is as if a plate of unbreakable steel has been placed in your heart.

It is always humble and never exalted.

Our hearts are centered on how we can help the world and help those who are lost.

At this stage, selfishness disappears and we begin to live for others instead of living for ourselves.