Unveiling The Secret of Earth Ascension


The three conditions necessary for the Ascension of the Earth

Each planet exists as a place of soul practice. The same is true of this planet, and each planet has a different level of practice.

The Earth is about to enter the next stage of its evolution.

Have you ever heard of the word “Ascension”?
Ascension is said to be a “dimensional rise”. It is for the Earth to evolve into the next dimension.

It is said that three conditions are necessary for the Earth to make an ascension. This time I would like to talk about the Earth’s Ascension.

First, it is a time of spiritual tailwinds in the universe

One of the conditions of the Ascension is that it is a “cosmic period”.

There is a time in this universe that is prone to spiritual evolution, and it is said to be the Age of Aquarius. In other words, this is the time when the tailwind of spiritual evolution is blowing in the universe.

Around the year 2000, the Age of Aquarius has begun.

The second is the thought of Earth Consciousness

And the second condition is “the thought of Earth Consciousness”.

The Earth is not just a lump of rock, but consciousness dwells within it. The male consciousness is called “Terra” and the female consciousness is called “Gaia”. It is necessary that Terra and Gaia wish for the Ascension of the Earth.

In fact, this first spiritual tailwind and the second wish of the Earth Consciousness have already met the conditions.

If the third condition can be cleared, the Earth will be able to make an Ascension.

Thirdly, humanity’s perception of the Earth will be raised

What, then, is that last third condition? It’s our “cognition”. To raise humanity’s perception of the Earth. This is the last condition.

So what kind of perceptions do you think we should have?

That we, as children of God, are a part of God, the energy of love that created the universe. And as a soul with eternal life, it is reincarnated in this world and the other world many times, repeating the cycle of reincarnation.

When we, as the human beings of the Earth, can have such an awareness, the third condition will be cleared.

Using the creation principle as a child of God

When we recognize that, each of us will realize our power as a child of God. Ascension is not something that is automatically given to you when the time comes.

It’s something that will change as we use our creation principles as part of God, as His children, and as we strongly desire and act on the future of our wonderful planet.

Instead of the negative creation principle, we turn our thoughts towards the bright future, towards the light-filled star of love. And we’re going to take action.

It is through the accumulation of thoughts and deeds based on the recognition of being a child of God.

Joining a cosmic civilization

Ascension, to put it another way, is to join the ranks of one cosmic civilization. There are many stars in the universe that have a better civilization than Earth and are full of love.

In such stars, they already know that they are the children of God and love itself. The Earth, in cooperation with such stars, will enter a stage where it can help the evolution and development of the universe.

The body’s vibrations become lighter.

Ascension causes a change in the physical body of each person. Our body’s vibrations change more lightly than they do now.

Because when we awaken to the consciousness of being a child of God, the greed and attachment to material things ceases to exist in our hearts. When we understand ourselves to be a child of God and love itself, the flesh ceases to carry the excesses.

A dimensional rise does not mean that this world will cease to exist, or that this world will become like the spirit world after the fourth dimension. It is only a lightening of the vibrations of matter, not the elimination of matter itself.

Even though it is a three-dimensional material world, it becomes light, including the physical body. In other words, it might be said to be between the third and fourth dimensions.

It is sometimes said that this world will become the fifth dimension when we make an Ascension, but this is not the case. The fifth dimension is the spiritual world of the other world, but this world does not become the spiritual world.

The Ascension will be accomplished through the hands of the inhabitants of that planet

Ascension is something that is accomplished by those who live on that planet.

That each of us awaken to the recognition of being a child of God and have a strong desire for the Earth as a star of love. It is accomplished by that creative power of the child of God.