Yin and Yang Energy Circulation

Yin and Yang

The Energy of Yin and Yang

Have you ever heard of the yin and yang energy? The yin energy is feminine and the yang energy is masculine. Creation in the universe is made by the circulation of these two energies.

What is the role of yang energy?

Masculinity, the yang energy, is the positive desire and energy to keep everything around us alive, as expressed in the sunshine.

It is a love of just giving and giving fully. This is evident in the fact that the light of the sun keeps all living things on Earth alive.

Yin energy is receptive

On the other hand, what is femininity, the yin energy? To put it simply, it is receptivity.

It is the yin energy that receives and accepts the positive energy when it is transmitted.

If we also throw light back at the light that is thrown at us, the light will clash with each other in the process, and there will be no circulation. If a man sends love to you, you have to take that love and put it into your body. That is what femininity is all about.

The creative principle doesn’t work with either energy alone

As the yin and yang energies begin to circulate in that way, everything in the greater universe is created.

The masculine nature alone does not create life. In the same way, the feminine nature alone does not create life.

It may seem obvious, but children are also created by the love of men and women. It is not only children, but the entire creative principle of the universe begins with the cycle of masculinity and femininity.