The Ninth Dimension, The World Of Messiahs

This World and Spiritual World

Bringing Law Down To The Ground And Serving As A Messiah

In that world, the ninth dimension is where the messiahs live. There are ten ninth dimensional spirits on Earth, and they are born on the ground approximately every two thousand years to preach the fundamental law.

The fundamental law is the law that pervades the Universe and is determined by the God in the Universe, also known as the Law or Divine Principle.

While this world is a three dimensional world, the other world is invisible to the eyes of our physical bodies living on the ground, but it is divided into four to nine dimensional worlds depending on the subtlety of the waves.

When the ninth dimensional spirits are born on the ground, they often preach the Law and play the role of messiahs. For this reason, the ninth dimensional world is sometimes called the messiah world.

For example, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Moses, Confucius, Zeus, and in Japan, Shinji Takahashi, are all ninth dimensional spirits and great leaders who are in charge of the planet Earth.

For The Evolution And Development Of All Dimensions

When the ninth dimensional spirits are born on the ground and preach the Law, the evolution and development in all dimensions will be promoted.

Normally in the afterlife, it is rare for ninth dimensional spirits to come down to the fourth or fifth dimension to speak. Even if they do, it is said that to people in the fourth and fifth dimensions, the ninth dimensional spirits are so much light that they look almost like a giant light.

In the afterlife, we are often instructed by those who are one dimension above us. However, when the ninth dimensional people are born in the third dimension, all the people in the intervening dimensions have the opportunity to come into contact with the Law.

Even from the other world, one can see this third dimensional world as if through a kind of transparent glass, and one can listen to what is being said. By listening to them, one is able to learn what the Law is, and it becomes an opportunity to grow soulfully.

The authority to bring down the Fundamental Law on the ground is held by those in the ninth dimension. They also plan what kind of civilization to start, and in this way, they promote the growth of the children of God living on Earth.

The ninth dimensional spirits are the teachers of all the people living on this Earth right now, including those in the afterlife.

Please read Chapter 4 of “Project Eden” (by Amarie) for more information about the ninth dimensional spirits.