Why don’t we have memories before we were born?

This World and Spiritual World

People are born with their memories erased

When we are born into this world, we are born with no memory of our past lives.

Why do we forget our past lives and the spirit world?

There is a clear reason for this.

Everyone is born with a problem

We all come into this world with a challenge or homework. Those challenges are very different for everyone.

If you were born with all the memories, you would know your problems and the answers to them. There is no point in being born then.

It’s like cheating, isn’t it? It’s the same as solving a problem by looking at the answer. Then you don’t know if you are really capable of doing it for your soul.

This world is a testing ground for the soul

This world, in that sense, is a testing ground for the soul, a place to see if what we have learned in the other world can actually be done by dwelling in the limitations of the physical body.

We all have different challenges, and deep down, we all know the answers to those challenges. Because you have learned the answers in the other world. We already know the answer.

Whether you can actually act on it in this world or not. Whether or not you can actually do it. To do that, once we forget most of our memories and dwell in the physical body, we start from scratch.

Not all of one’s soul dwells in the body

More specifically, the so-called unconscious, also known as the subconscious, contains past memories and lessons. Deep down in the mind, there is such a thing.

It is generally only about 10% of the soul that dwells in the physical body, and the other 90% remains in the other world. Not all of the soul goes into the body.

Therefore, when one returns to the other world, one will remember everything. What time and place they were born in, who they became family with, and what they learned in their past lives. And we will also realize anew the tendency of our own souls.

And after we return to the other world, all the experiences we have learned in this world are shared with the souls that remained in the other world, and they are accumulated as the learning of the whole soul.

In this way, the soul deepens its learning and evolves and develops.