What is an Angel of Light?

This World and Spiritual World

Role in God’s Plan

Each person has his or her own soul training.

When they have experienced various things and reached a certain level, they are given a role in God’s plan in addition to their own soul training.

Such souls are called “angels of light”.

In the dimensions of the afterlife, those from the upper stage of the sixth dimension upwards are the angels of light.

Angels of light are born with a mission

Before the angels of light are born on the ground, they are told what their job is this time.

They are born with a job in God’s plan, not just their own soul training.

That handed down role is called a “mission”. In some cases, we may be given a new mission on the ground.

Sometimes a soul on a great mission has a guiding spirit

The ninth-dimensional spirits, which are the most highly evolved personality spirits, have the role of saviors and are born into the world to save many people.

For example, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Moses, Confucius, Zeus, and so on are nine-dimensional spirits.

Not only such ninth-dimensional spirits, but in the case of souls with a great mission, they may have a guiding spirit in addition to a guardian spirit.

Generally speaking, the spirituality of the guiding spirit is higher than the guardian spirit.

When a soul born into this world cannot fulfill its mission with the guidance of the guardian spirit alone, it also receives guidance from the guiding spirit.

They receive inspiration from their guardian and guiding spirits to fulfill their mission.

When we are born on the ground, we all start from zero

Although they are angels of light, if they are born on the ground, they have to start from zero.

They can”t accomplish their mission all of a sudden, but they can’t do God’s work if they don’t have a foundation of their own individual efforts while suffering in this world.

You will know whether or not you can fulfill your mission after you leave the ground. When we return to the other world, everything will be revealed.