The Akashic Records – A Spiritual Record Of Everything In The Universe


What Is The Akashic Records?

Have you ever heard of the word “Akashic Records?”

Also sometimes referred to as “Akashic,” it is the record storehouse of the Universe.

It is a record of all the events in the Universe, from the birth of the Universe to the formation of the stars and the history of the Earth’s human race.

It also records the history of each individual soul, not just the grandeur of the cosmic cycle or the history of the Universe.

When we say “cosmic archives,” we do not mean that there is some kind of material, visible warehouse, but a spiritual archive.

Akashic Records Is Like A 3D movie

The Akashic Records are not like a book written in text, but like a 3D movie.

As one watches those symbolic images, they are understood according to the viewer’s perception.

When you watch it, you seem to be able to grasp the history of the past and also read visions of how the future of humanity will unfold from it.

Because of this nature, it is not something that everyone can see, but only with permission.

The Earth’s spiritual world is divided into fourth to ninth dimensions according to the subtlety of its vibrations, and it is said that only residents of the eighth dimension and above can view the Akashic Records.

The Origin Of The Name Akashic Records

What does the word “Akashic” come from?

It comes from “Agasher”.

Agasher is the name of the galactic consciousness of the Milky Way Galaxy, to which the Earth belongs.

Beings like us, who dwell in human bodies on the ground and practice soul training, are said to be “Personality Spirits”.

This may seem rather grandiose from our perspective as personality spirits, but there are also conscious entities that reside on planets, stars, and galaxies.

Planetary consciousness is the tenth dimension, and stellar consciousness is the eleventh dimension.

Among them, the Galactic Consciousness is in charge of the galaxies. The one in charge of the Milky Way Galaxy is the consciousness called Agasher, which is said to be the thirteenth dimension.

In other words, the Akashic Records also means the records of the Agasher.

Management Of The Akashic Records On The Earth

As you know, a galaxy is a collection of countless stars and nebulae. It is not easy for us to imagine how huge the body of consciousness that resides in that galaxy is.

One of the ninth dimensional spirits of the Earth is called Amor. Amor is originally part of the Agasher energy.

Amor, whose name we are now familiar with in our civilization, was born on the ground as Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was also called “The Great King Agasher” when he was born on earth at the end of the Atlantis civilization.

In the Earth spiritual world, under Amor, Elijah, John of Revelation fame, Nostradamus, and others are in charge of managing the Akashic Records.

People Who Saw The Akashic Records

Among those born in recent years, Swedenborg and the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner are said to have seen the Akashic Records in the real world.

The term “in the real world” means that when they were alive, they left their physical bodies in this world and saw the Akashic Records.

Another example is John of Revelation, whom I mentioned earlier, who is a bit older.

It is said that John’s Revelation in the New Testament is a vision of the future that he read from the Akashic Records.

And recently, Amarie’s “Project Eden” is said to be the creation of the Earth, the history of mankind, and the future as seen from the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Is The Archives Of The Universe

The Akashic Records is thus a record of all events in the Universe.

It is, of course, not limited to the Earth where we live, but is a repository of the entire Universe.