The World Of The Ninth Dimension

This World and Spiritual World

What Is The Ninth Dimension In The Other World?

The world to which everyone returns when they die is the so-called other world.

The other world is divided into different layers according to the subtlety of the soul’s vibrations.

Among them, the world where people who have evolved to the highest level as human spirits are located is called the ninth dimension.

People in the ninth dimension are also called ninth dimensional spirits.

What kind of world is the ninth dimension?

The Ninth Dimension Is The World Of The Messiahs

The ninth dimension, in a nutshell, is the world of messiahs.

When ninth dimensional spirits are born on the ground, they play the role of messiahs, so the ninth dimensional world is also called the world of messiahs.

The ninth dimensional spirits are the ones who have been guiding us, wishing for the growth and evolution of the people of the Earth.

In other words, they are the leaders of the Earth and are responsible for the planet Earth.

There are ten ninth dimensional spirits in the ninth dimension of the Earth.

They are called El-Ranty, Maitreya, El-Kantale (Buddha), Amor (Jesus Christ), Morya (Moses), Selabim (Confucius), Seoria (Zeus), Samatoria (Zoroaster), Manu, and Kaitron (Newton).

Ninth dimensional spirits are born on the ground only once every few thousand years, and they are responsible for guiding people on the ground as messiahs.

They are also the founders of various world religions and have a great influence for a long time afterwards.

Spectralizing The God’s Light Of The Universe, Receiving And Taking Charge Of Each Color Of Light

In this Universe, the light of God sent from the God of the Universe flows from the galaxies to the stars, and from the stars to the planets.

The role of the ninth dimensional spirits is to bring down the divine light sent to the Earth to the ninth dimension and below.

On Earth, El-Ranty divides God’s light into seven colors as if it were spectra through a prism, and Maitreya assists him.

Each color of light is in charge of its own ninth dimensional spirit: yellow for law is El-Kantale, white for love is Amor, red for justice is Morya, purple for order and propriety is Selabim, blue for intellect is Seoria, green for art is Manu and Seoria, and silver for science is Kaitron.

Called From Other Planets For The Evolution And Development Of The Earth

The ninth dimensional spirits are people who were originally from other planets and were called together to evolve the planet Earth.

El-Kantare is the oldest person on Earth, followed by Amor, Morya, and Selabim, who all came to Earth from different planets.

Then, about 365 million years ago, El-Ranty came to Earth with 60 million people from a planet called Be-Elda in the Magellanic Cloud.

El-Ranty is also that man whom Jesus Christ called Heavenly Father, Yahweh who instructed Moses from heaven, and Allah who is worshipped as God in Islam. More recently, he was born in Japan as Shinji Takahashi and preached the Law.

Then, about 270 million years ago, Maitreya, Manu, and Kaitron came from a planet called Orion, and about 130 million years ago, Seoria and Samatoria came from a planet called Pegasus.

The Ones Who Have Created The Flow Of Civilization On The Earth

There have been many different civilizations that have sprung up on Earth.

Each civilization is led by a team of ninth dimensional spirits who decide on the theme of what people should learn.

In other words, it is the ninth dimensional spirits who have created the flow of human civilization in the world. That is also their role.

They are the teachers and leaders of all of us earthlings.

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