Discovering the Meaning of Reincarnation

This World and Spiritual World

The soul spends far more time without a body than it does in a body

Some people may say, “There is no such thing as the invisible world,” but it does exist, it’s just that it is invisible to our bodies.

When we die and our souls are separated from our bodies, it becomes obvious that our world, which is invisible to our eyes, is our true world.

You will think, “Oh, come to think of it, there was a time when I was born on the ground and lived in my body.”

The time spent in the other world, not in the body, is much longer for the soul, and in the whole history of the soul, the time spent living in this world with the body is really very short.

Even the gods of the heavenly world live in eternity as souls

For example, even high-level spirits, who are called the gods of various religions, are no different from us in that they are beings who live in eternity as souls themselves, just like us.

However, such great spirits that are close to God are not born on the ground as often as we are. They have life on the ground and are reborn only in order to fulfill their mission.

The higher level spirits are all in leadership roles on the earth, so even though they may have different personalities and roles, they do not bicker with each other or exclude each other.

In the so-called invisible world of the other world, the world of the higher dimensions is called the heavenly world, and yet, for example, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Moses and Mohammed live together as friends in the heavenly world.

They all understand each other’s roles in the heavenly world, so they have respect for each other and are always thinking about how to promote the spiritual growth of people on earth.

They know that they are not God, but the original God is the energy of love itself that fills the universe, and that the God of the universe is one, so in guiding the earthlings, they say, “We are not God, we are children of God just like you, just a little bit senior to you,” even though they have been guided by a God-like figure in the past.

We are in reincarnation for the purpose of soul evolution and development

Generally speaking, it is hard to say how long it takes to be reincarnated in this world from the other world because it varies from person to person, but I think that most people come into this world once every few hundred years. Some people are born again immediately after they die and return to the other world.

This is determined by the individual’s own free will, but of course, it is also a matter of timing and the demands of the age. Some people are born again every few thousand years, while others may not be born for tens of thousands of years.

In other words, we all have been reincarnated in this world over and over again in different times and countries, and we learn about love through various experiences and experiences on the ground, and we do reincarnation with the goal of evolving and developing our souls.

A part of your soul has entered the body and is gaining life experience

It is said that the soul that resides in the physical body is generally about 10% of one’s soul. It is said that only a hair’s worth of soul energy is dwelling in the body of a great high-level spirit, but in any case, most of your soul energy is still in the other world.

The consciousness as the soul that resides in our body is called ‘consciousness’ or ‘surface consciousness’, but the other 90% of our consciousness remains in the other world as ‘subconsciousness’.

In other words, a part of our soul is separated from our soul and enters our body to live our daily life. When the soul in the body returns to the other world after the life on the ground, it becomes one with your own soul that was left in the other world, and you can fully share your life experiences, lessons and realizations on the ground.

In this way, the memory of the soul is accumulated and utilized as soul power in the next life and beyond.