Why are so many religions rooted in Japan?


Why are so many religions rooted in Japan?

Why does Japan have so many different religions?

For example, Japanese Shintoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, and many other religions have taken root in the soil of Japan.

I think it’s unusual for a country to have so many different kinds of religions in it. It doesn’t just happen to be that way, but it does have a meaning.

Japan’s mission is to unify religions and communicate them to the world

Why did so many religions come to Japan? The reason for this has to do with the mission of the country, Japan.

The country of Japan has a mission to finally unite these many religions and disseminate them to the world as a single teaching of God. The unification of the world’s religions. For such a purpose, various religions have come into this country.

What would happen if only monotheism had taken root in Japan? When monotheism becomes dominant in a country, it is difficult to accept other religions because people feel that only that religion is right.

In Japan, however, this is not the case. In Shinto, there is a polytheistic approach to the “eight million gods”. On the other hand, monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam have also come in and there are people who believe in them.

In other words, by accepting all kinds of things in that way, they create a tolerance for religion.

The country of Japan is a place where various teachings coexist, and this is not the only thing that is absolutely right. It also means that we can think flexibly when we unify our religions.

The saviors of religion are all one in the heavenly world

There may still be strife between different religions, but all religions pass on the teachings of one God to the people.

The fact is that each religion does not exist in isolation, but rather the original teachings of one God have been passed down through the individuality of each savior.

Those saviors are all companions in the heavenly world. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad and Confucius are all companions in the heavenly world, and they are all guiding us as one.

With this fact, it is now time to unite the Earth as one. Aiming at the planet of love, we unite it as a teaching of the Earth.

And in order to communicate this from Japan, we have created an environment that accepts multiple religions.

Japan is the final point where Western and Eastern civilizations converge

The heights of the ages in civilization have traveled around the world through Greece, Egypt, Rome, China and India. The point at which the Western and Eastern civilizations finally merged was Japan.

All previous teachings are brought together under the teachings of one God. Then, as the teachings of the Earth, they will be unified as the culmination of the Divine Principle.

This country was created as a base of communication for this purpose.