What is the role of the Dragon God?

Children of God

What is the role of the Dragon God?

Have you ever heard of the Dragon God?

In the anime “Dragon Ball”, there is a dragon, but I wonder if such an animal actually exists. If it exists, what does it look like and what role does it play?

This time, I would like to talk about the existence and role of such a dragon god.

The Dragon God is not an imaginary being

Many people may think that the dragon is a legendary or imaginary animal, but that’s actually not the case.

Dragons are not born on the ground in the present civilization, but they are said to have been born and lived on the ground in past civilizations.

In this universe, there are not only life forms on Earth, but of course there are various life forms on other planets as well.

Some of them are humanoid and take the form of humans, but some of them are completely different from us.

It is said that there are planets where dragons, not people, are born, where souls dwell and are born in the form of dragons.

Even though they may look different, they are all still children of God, born from the energy of God’s love.

The only one who can move beyond the dimensional walls of the spirit world

The Dragon Gods are the only beings who can move beyond the dimensional walls in the Earth’s spirit world.

In the other world, in principle, one is not supposed to be able to move from the lower dimension to the upper dimension, but the Dragon God is able to do so.

After a person dies, when their soul returns to the spirit world of their own dimension, the Dragon God will take their soul on board and take them away.

It may seem like a fantasy story, but in fact, the Dragon God plays such a role.

The role of the Dragon God is to set up a barrier

There is also something called a “barrier”.
It is the role of the Dragon Gods to protect against attacks from those from the Demon World, and it is also the role of the Dragon Gods to put up such a barrier.

It is also the dragon gods who guard the angels of light who have been given work in God’s plan as they do God’s work on the ground.

In other words, it can be said that the Dragon Gods have a strong telepathic power. Shields are made with the power of a mind.

The Dragon God has a lot to do with the weather

In addition to these, the dragon gods are also involved in the weather. In particular, heavy rains and typhoons are sometimes brought about by the power of the dragon gods, with the implication of purification.

In this way, the Dragon God is not visible to the eye, but actually exists. And they live in a variety of roles.