Telepathic Communication – In A Time Of Spiritual Awakening


What Is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to directly communicate a person’s thoughts and feelings without using words, facial expressions, gestures, or hand gestures. It is to communicate by directly exchanging thoughts with the heart.

Although we are not aware of it when we are living in this world, we, as spiritual beings, are communicating telepathically in the other world. It is nothing special, but simply by sending out our thoughts to the other person, our thoughts are conveyed to the other person.

Thoughts Fly Like Radio Waves

Unlike the afterlife, in this world we are clothed in material bodies, but that does not mean that we cannot use telepathy at all.

Even in our ordinary lives, we may be able to somehow understand what others are thinking or feel their emotions, even if they do not speak.

People’s thoughts fly like radio waves. If you are sensitive enough to sense them, you can catch and convey the other person’s thoughts in an instant, even without words.

Means Of Communication With Space Aliens

Now, on the ground, it is difficult to communicate only by telepathy because our spiritual abilities are much more limited.

It may be hard to believe, but it is said that there was a time in Earth’s past civilizations when aliens came to Earth and interacted with each other. The way they communicated with aliens who spoke different languages at that time was telepathy.

The means of communication with aliens on other planets was through telepathy, where they directly communicated with each other in their hearts.

In Awakening To The Consciousness Of Love

In the future, we will eventually come to an age called the dawn of the space age, when we will be able to communicate openly with people from other planets.

In order to welcome such an era, we must know who we are, what we are living for, and what the Universe is all about.

Human beings are the children of God, and that is not just on Earth. No matter what other stars are in the macrocosm, no matter what human beings look like, we are all God’s children and brothers and sisters in the same Universe.

Each one of us will awaken to the consciousness of love, that the macrocosm is love itself, that we are part of love, and that we exist to love and live with one another.

Telepathic Communication With Animals, Plants, And Minerals

Telepathy is not only between human beings; even animals, plants, and minerals can each speak to each other telepathically.

Even a small flower blooming on the side of the road or an insect living in the natural world is trying to telepathically convey its thoughts to us.

It is just that we cannot sense them, but if we try to catch their thoughts with a pure heart, we can actually feel them.

The reason we cannot catch them is because our hearts are not as pure as theirs. Therefore, we cannot feel their thoughts because our vibrations do not match theirs.

Toward The Age Of Spirituality

Telepathy is not complicated or special; it is an ability that we originally possess.

Even in our daily lives, we use part of that ability without being aware of it. When we return to the other world, it is a natural way of communication.

And not only in the other world, but eventually on this Earth’s ground, as we enter an era in which people are awakening to their spirituality, telepathy will become a commonplace way to use it.