New Evolution Is Born From Harmony

Children of God

It is not so easy to accept the differences and individuality of each person, is it? Some people feel that acknowledging the ideas and personalities of people who are different from themselves leads to denying oneself, but this is not true. Accepting both the other person and oneself is to accept each person’s differences.

It may be called having a big heart. If you have a big heart, you can accept people other than yourself, and you can embrace all of them without denying the differences of each individuality.

Who do you think is the being with the biggest heart? It is the God of the Universe. He accepts everyone’s differences and nurtures everyone with His love, without excluding them.

If we say, “I am this kind of person, so I only accept this kind of person,” then we are far from God’s heart.

When we respect all personalities and values without denying them, rather than allowing our own egos to prevail, then harmony is born. God’s will is a heart of great harmony.

In harmony, we can bring out the best in each other. If we are in disharmony, attacking and hurting each other, we will only ruin each other, and we will not be able to grow.

When harmony is created, we will be able to make the most of our individual strengths, grow together, and evolve together. And this leads to the further evolution of the entire Universe.