What is a Space Angel?


People working for the evolution of other planets

There are people in the universe who leave their planet and go to many other developing planets and work to help the evolution and development of that planet as much as possible.

These people are called “Space Angels”.

They know that man is the soul of the child of God, the energy of love

The space angels already know that human nature is the soul of the child of God and the energy of love.

Therefore, they are no longer concerned with what planet or body they dwell in.

They are working to make the divine energy of the universe, the love of God, known to as many people as possible.

They are actually cheering them on from the shadows, taking charge of some of the planets in a teacher-like way.

Ami, Bashar and the others are also space angels

There is a space union, which is made up of stars that have reached a certain level of ascension, and space angels are sent from there.

But they are not free to enter the planet to which they are sent and to act freely. There is an agreement and they have to get permission from the leaders of the planet.

Now, as our planet is entering the dawn of the space age, the space angels have been sending communications and so on.

That is why Ami, Bashar and others are all such space angels.

Towards the dawn of the space age

It is the ego of people that the Earth is graduating now. It’s the thought that it’s all good for you.

We are part of the love energy of the universe and resonate with the vibrations of love.
We hold hands and harmonize with each other as earthlings.
And connect our hearts to each other.

We will realize our true nature and raise the vibrations of the earthlings together, shifting the Earth to the next level of practice.

And in turn, we will work as space angels to contribute to the evolution of other planets in the universe.

That is the dawning of the space age. That time is coming now.