Truth, Goodness, and Beauty – The Guiding Principle of Life –

How to Live a Happy Life

The meaning of the term “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty”

There is a basic value and code of conduct called “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” that should be valued by human beings.

Mr. Yanai, the founder of UNIQLO, is said to be trying to practice this “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty”, and in Kyudo (Japanese archery), this “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” is held up as a high standard.

What is the meaning of this “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty,” which has great significance as a guideline for our lives, when viewed from the aspect of the Divine Principle?

“Truth” is the divine truth, the thought of God

First, let’s talk about “Truth”, which comes first in “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty”.

What is “Truth”? It is the truth of this Universe.

Truth is the universal law that pervades the Universe.

It is also called “Divine Principle” or “Law.”

It is the very thought of God, who created the Universe.

Why do we exist? And what kind of existence do we essentially have? What kind of thoughts and wishes did God, who created all the beings in the Universe, have in mind when He created them?

The word “Truth” refers to these things, which in a nutshell are the very thoughts of God.

“Goodness” means to live well

Next to “Truth” comes “Goodness”.

It is sometimes referred to as good and evil, but what does “Goodness” mean?

Originally, the word “Goodness” meant “right” or “moral”.

Based on this, the word “Goodness” can be summed up in one word: to live a good life.

It’s not just living. Living well.

The “Goodness” here is the true way of life that was at the beginning of “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty”.

“Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” are in order, one by one.

When the “Truth” is understood and learned, then naturally the “Goodness”, the “Good Life”, becomes possible.

When we know the thoughts of God and the laws of the Universe, our way of life will change.

We start to live in the direction of God’s thoughts. This is what is called “Goodness” here.

If we know God’s thoughts and live in the way He wills, we will naturally become “good” and we will not unnecessarily hurt or torment others.

This is because God does not want His children to fight, hurt, or kill each other.

Some of you may have noticed here that it is not enough to know what is true.

It is not enough to just know the “Truth”.

As I said, each of the elements of “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” are in order, but after knowing the “Truth,” the question is whether you can demonstrate it in your actions.

In other words, can we “live a good life”?

Once we know God’s thoughts, we can show them in our actions.

When the thoughts of God are overlaid in our actions and deeds, “Goodness” will be expressed.

“Beauty” is an expression of the energy of God’s love

And when we live such a good life, “Beauty” will appear.

When actions and ways of living that are in line with God’s thoughts are expressed in this world, they become “Beauty”.

When we think of beauty, we may think of it only in superficial terms, but I think we can clearly see that this is not the case.

Beauty is something that is backed by the thoughts of God.

It is not just a decoration, but something that is created through a person’s thoughts and actions, or in other words, through the way they live their lives.

Therefore, there is no “Beauty” where there is no “Truth”, and there is no “Beauty” where there is no “Goodness”.

No matter how much you change just the surface, it is not really beautiful.

“Beauty”, in short, is the visible expression of God’s love.

When the energy of God’s love, which keeps alive and nurtures all of God’s children in the Universe, is expressed, it takes the form of “Beauty”.

And through this “Beauty”, we can inspire, enrich, and make people happy.

“Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” as a guide for life

As you can see, “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” is actually a great guideline for our lives.

It is useful for us to reflect on our own way of life up to now.

It can also give us hints on how to live our lives in the future.

If there are people who are troubled by their lives and the way they live, why don’t they keep this “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” in their minds as they walk through life?

I am sure that you will gain some kind of insight or hint from this.