A Space Age Entrance Test for Earthlings


An entrance test to get through the door of the next era

The time is coming when the Kingdom of God will arrive on Earth.

It is called the Land of Buddha on the ground, but in order to pass through the door when the Earth will become the Kingdom of God, only those who are truly awakened as children of God will be able to enter that world.

In a sense, it may be said that this is an entrance test given by God’s side to earthlings.

Towards the middle school level of love training

After the entrance exam that will usher in the next space age, the training ground of love from the elementary level to the middle school level will begin.

That entrance exam requires each of us to solve a problem and give an answer on our own. No matter what answers we could give with our mouths, if God sees our actual actions, He will know everything.

It’s not just God, but our own souls know best.

Each person’s soul itself will determine the path ahead

What path will you take in the future after this test? That is for each of us to decide for ourselves.

Will you do your best to become a member of the next space age on the Earth, where you are at the junior high school level.

Or, you can’t pass the test and still move to another elementary school level planet to relearn.

Or do you finish the instructional phase on Earth and return to your home planet?

So, depending on your own stage of soul learning, your destination will be determined by your own stage of soul learning.

In some cases, if many earthlings don’t pass the test and start something like a nuclear war that would destroy the Earth itself, for example, we could start our mission as an Earth again from the beginning.

When you get to the middle school level of the planet, the vibrations of matter and the physical body become more lighter and finer.

If we can’t get in sync with that vibration of love, we can’t live with the people there under the law of wavelength sympathy.