Human Memory After Death


Does a person’s memory disappear after death?

What happens to our memories after we die and up until then?

Some people may think that when you die, all your memories will disappear, but this is actually not the case.

Our thoughts, words, and actions in this world are actually all recorded in our consciousness.

Where it is recorded is in what is called the “remembrance area”.

Every thought, word, and deed while you are alive is recorded in a remembrance area

Normally, when we live in this world, our awareness is only about 10% of our original consciousness. It’s called “surface consciousness” or “manifest consciousness”.

On the other hand, the remaining 90% is the conscious, which we don’t usually recognize, and is called the “subconscious” or “unconscious”.

The remembrance area is this area between the surface conscious and subconscious mind. In other words, it’s a link between the two.

Everything we thought, said, and did when we were alive is recorded there and will never disappear. Therefore, if you look at the remembrance area, you can see what kind of life that person has lived.

It’s like having a recording of what you said on your smartphone and a selfie of what you did all the time you’re alive.

And it’s like having a high-performance machine inside of you that records what you think in your mind.

The thought of love turns to gold, and the thought of selfishness to gray

The remembrance area changes color depending on the content of the thought, word, or deed that is recorded.

It is recorded in gold where one is performing a practical act of love in the hope of the happiness of others. However, when it is the opposite of the direction of such love, it becomes gray there.

In other words, if you are practicing the act of love, your remembrance area will not be clouded, but if you are filled with selfish thoughts, it will be clouded.

Throughout your entire life, you will consequently be able to tell at a glance whether your life has been glowing gold or dulling gray.

Reflection turns from gray to gold

Once it’s gray, there’s nothing you can do about it, but that’s not the case. Once you have created a cloud, you can get rid of it by honestly admitting your mistakes and sincerely apologizing for them.

We are never perfect. If you are alive, you may end up doing the opposite of what you love. Then you can apologize and reflect to the person and to God. With that reflection, the area of the remembrance changes from gray to gold.

For example, when it rains or the wind blows, the window glass gets dirty, right? If you wipe it with a rag and clean it up, it will be shiny glass again.

In the same way, the cloudy areas of the remembrance can be turned to shiny gold by cleaning the windows of reflection.

So, if there is something that has gone wrong, it is to clean up the consciousness of reflection. This makes the record of the remembrance area shine brighter and brighter.

When it’s not cloudy, it’s easier to get inspiration from guardian spirits

In addition, when the clouding of the area is removed, it is easier to connect with one’s guardian spirit on a wavelength.

When this happens, you will be able to receive more inspiration from your guardian spirits, and you will be able to live with more love in your heart.