Meet Yourself

Children of God

There may be a painful time in your life when you say, “I don’t understand the meaning of life.” Where does this bitterness come from? I think it comes from the fact that we don’t know who we are.

It seems that in order to meet ourselves, we have to go through a time of suffering where we cannot find the answer. How much easier would it be if the answers were given to us from the beginning? However, isn’t it also true that what is gained without suffering is not really a treasure in the true sense of the word?

Meeting yourself means realizing your individuality and the role you were born to play in this Universe. It is to become aware of the divine life of the Universe that is embedded deep within you.

People tend to think that their lives are their own. But the truth is not so. Your life belongs to God. Each person’s life is shared by God, and each person is a part of God, a manifestation of God. With that, it is said that human beings are the children of God.

God is the energy of love that animates and nurtures the entire Universe, and we are the manifestation of that love. There are various forms of expression of that love, and the differences are the differences in the individuality and roles of each of us.

What kind of personality and role are we embedded with? It is not something to be thought about with knowledge or logic, but something to be felt with the heart and realized by oneself as one sincerely lives one’s life.

When we pass through the painful time of not knowing who we are, and live in love as a part of God, our hearts are filled with the greatest joy and happiness. This is not something that only a few people can experience, but everyone can live like this without exception.