For the Evolution and Development of the Universe


There are many stars in the universe that are stagnant

Even among the stars in the universe, there are many stars that have stopped evolving and have become stagnant.

Cutting corners is a bad word, but if we live our lives thinking that we have evolved to some extent and that’s okay, our souls will stop evolving.

And it becomes impossible to maintain even the previous level. That is a fact.

Don’t forget the diligence of always striving forward

After all, human beings cannot be lazy, and we must have the diligence to forever strive forward.

We must always improve ourselves in a diverse environment and with diverse values.
Through that effort, one can become richer and richer and acquire the wisdom of God.

When we abandon that path of evolutionary development, there are many stars in the universe that are, in a sense, small and cohesive in only one direction.

We can use our experiences on Earth to help other stars in the universe evolve

But this is a planet with many differences and diversity, but also with great potential.

The experiences we have had here on Earth will in turn open up new possibilities for evolutionary development on another planet.

We can use the lessons learned here to move on to other stars in the universe and create new evolutionary developments on that planet.

In other words, we are sending new blood to a star whose evolution has stopped and stagnated.

The Earth has the capacity to embrace diversity and learn to love deeply

In fact, it is said that there are many people who want to emigrate to Earth from space.

The earth has the capacity to accept such diversity.

The Milky Way Galaxy, to which the Earth belongs, is the heart of the God’s body in the universe.

In this sense, the Earth is a planet where we can learn about love in a very deep sense.