The Role Of Plants In The Universe


The Role Of Plants In The Universe

Plants are indispensable to all living things, including humans.

Plants keep us alive by producing oxygen through photosynthesis. Without oxygen, we would probably die in a flash. Just thinking about it, the role of plants is very significant.

By the way, it is said that plants originated in space. As the planet is created and the environment is prepared, the seeds of the plants that are most likely to be adapted to it and the plants themselves may be brought in.

There are aliens who carry plant seeds and plants themselves, and there are people on the planet who work with them as their mission.

On our planet, too, many plants have been brought in so far. The more plants we have, the more oxygen we have, and the more living things we have. This creates a cycle for the planet. Thanks to such a planetary environment, we are able to live in the present.

The existence of plants is indispensable in bringing stability to the planet and creating a place where the children of God can train.