The Truth of the Gondwana Civilization


Each civilization is planned and raised by nine dimensional spirits for the soul cultivation of the children of God

It is said that various civilizations have risen and fallen on the earth. It seems that there are many of them that are not known to us today.

In each era, a team of the most highly evolved spirits, called ninth dimensional spirits, who are the guiding spirits of the earth, have been in charge of each civilization to decide what kind of civilization to start.

The reason why a civilization arises is for the soul training of the children of God, and each civilization chooses a unique theme and provides various learning opportunities.

Moses, a ninth dimensional spirit, led the Gondwana civilization

There is a ninth-dimensional spirit born in this age who is called Moses. He is called Morya in the heavenly world, but he is the Moses of Judaism himself. Originally, it was Moses who proposed to set up the Gondwana civilization.

Moses, who was born into a royal family at the time, used his overwhelming spiritual powers to become a king and taught that all God’s children had the same power as God and that they were to use it for justice. While Moses lived, there was peace among the people, but after his death, the conflict between the races deepened.

Gradually, their evil thoughts began to accumulate on the continent of Gondwana, until eventually a fissure appeared between the north and south sides of the continent, through which sea water entered and divided the continent into east and west, causing it to perish. It is said that this is how the Gondwana civilization came to an end.

It may seem inconceivable in this day and age, but in those days it was commonplace to have the ability to use psychic powers, and it was a civilization that was founded with the purpose of making people aware of the power that God’s children originally possessed through their psychic powers.