The Consciousness of Being Universe


Experiencing the expansion of self-consciousness to the size of the universe

There is a state of being called the “Universe-Self”. This is an experience in which one’s consciousness is expanded to the size of the universe.

It is an experience in which one’s consciousness expands to the size of the universe, where one’s consciousness leaves the physical body and becomes larger and larger, looking down on the city and the Earth. Eventually, it will grow to encompass the entire universe. Such an experience is called the “Universe-Self”.

It is said that Buddha, Jesus Christ, Confucius, Moses, Zoroaster, and others have had such experiences in the past. In other words, it can be said that the “Universe-Self” is the enlightenment of those who are called saviors.

It is said that there are several stages of “Universe-Self”.

The first stage is the experience of looking far down at the Earth as a spirit body while astral projection is taking place. It is said that Socrates and Apollo of Greece were among those who had this experience.

The second stage is the expansion of one’s consciousness from looking down on the Earth to the Galaxy. When one reaches that stage, the Earth and the other planets look like tiny cells.

And in the third stage, one’s consciousness expands to the edge of the Universe. As one’s consciousness expands to the corners of the entire Universe, one begins to realize that the galaxy in which we exist is located in the heart part of God’s body and plays the role of the heart.

The Universe is the body of the universal divine spirit called Om, and each galaxy and planet is like an organ in the God’s body.

When one experiences the Universe-Self, one begins to feel it.