“Proof of Heaven” -The Afterlife As Seen Through Near Death Experience-

This World and Spiritual World

Dr. Eben Alexander’s View Of the Afterlife

I read a book called “Proof of Heaven” written by an American doctor named Eben Alexander. This book is a compilation of Eben’s own near death experience.

The book has sold over 2 million copies in the U.S. and has been introduced on several TV programs in Japan.

After being in a coma for seven days due to illness, Dr. Eben went to the other world.

A Golden Light Spinning Down from Above the Darkness

When Eben first became aware, he was in a dark, muddy world. It was a world crawling with worm-like, reptilian, and other grotesque animals, and the air was full of smells.

A few moments later, a golden white light came spinning down from above in the darkness. The light made the darkness around him disappear, and he could hear the beautiful melody of the light as if it were a tone.

Then, as he looked at the other side of the light, he began to rise at a rapid and furious speed. When he passed through the gap, there was another world. A bright, shining, vibrant, and beautiful world was spread out in front of him.

Telepathic Communication

When we die, we put off our physical body and become our original form, the spirit.

Of course, since there is no physical body, we do not speak through our mouths, but rather through telepathy. We communicate by sending our thoughts directly to each other like radio waves.

In “Proof of Heaven,” Eben writes that when he communicated with spiritual beings without using words, he received answers very quickly.

When we return to the other world, we all communicate in that way. What you are thinking is immediately and directly conveyed to the other person.

You Are Forever and Deeply Loved

Eben was flying through the sky as he moved. Below him, the countryside spread out and he saw children playing happily. It was just beautiful, a world like a dream. But a very real, real world.

Then he noticed that there was a beautiful woman beside him who was guiding him, and both he and the woman were flying on butterfly wings as they moved through the sky.

The woman was speaking directly to him without words, and the content of her speech was conveyed to Eben like a gentle breeze blowing through the air.

The content of the message was as follows.

You are forever and deeply loved.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
There is nothing wrong with what you do.

And then Eben felt the presence of God, which I’ll talk about in the next post.