An Encounter With The God Of The Universe – “Proof of Heaven” – Dr. Eben’s Record


An Encounter with the God of the Universe

The record of Dr. Eben in the U.S., who has seen the afterlife through near death experience, has been compiled in a book “Proof of Heaven”.

In my last post, I covered the part that describes the afterlife.

This time, I would like to touch on the part where Eben meets God.

Om, The Creator Of The Universe

Eben walked into the vast emptiness, a place of endless darkness and yet full of light in spite of the darkness. He felt an infinite peace there. He also felt the presence of an orb, a sphere of light, beside him, guiding him.

This is where Eben sensed the presence of God up close. He felt that his situation was similar to that of a fetus in the womb. He thought that the equivalent of the “mother” of the fetus was the universe and everything in it, which we call God, the Creator, the Source, and so on. God’s presence felt very close, and there seemed to be no distance at all between God and himself.

Eben felt that the Universe itself was like a gigantic womb, and that the reason why he felt no distance was because he was surrounded by God. At the same time, he realized how infinitely vast God was and how puny he was in comparison.

After he woke up from his coma, he wrote down his memories and realized that he often used the pronoun “Om” to refer to God. “Om” was the sound he remembered as the sound that led to a selfless, loving, all-knowing, all-powerful God, a being that could not be explained with words.

“Om” is the God who created this Universe in which we exist, who keeps all life alive and nurtures us.

Om is the energy of love itself. He is the torrent of love that flows through the Universe. All beings are created and kept alive by the love energy of Om. Every being in the Universe is a part of Om and is Om’s children.

There Is Not One Universe, But Countless

Through the orb, Om told Eben that there is not one Universe, but many Universes beyond his comprehension, but that all of them have love at their center.

When Eben was told this, he saw that there were countless Universes with an abundance of life. Some of these beings were far more advanced than human beings.

There is not only one Universe, but just as this Universe was created by Om, another Universe is being created by another Creator.

We only know this Universe that we exist in now, but there is another Universe that exists outside of this Universe.

These other Universes were created by the same kind of beings as Om, and they are alive with life.

The most important thing to remember is that the center of any Universe is Love.
Everything is created by love, and love is alive in all beings.