As Earthlings in the Space Age


What will become the norm on the Earth in the future

What will become the norm as we, the people of Earth, enter the future space age?

It is an extension of the Earth’s divine principles of the past.

It is that the soul is eternal.

And that the soul is incarnating.

That every human being is a child of God. Inside the child of God, there is a connection to the energy of the eternal universe.

That God is the energy of love that pervades the universe and is the law of love.

These things are natural to the stars of the universe, which have evolved to some extent, and they are common sense that even school children know.

This is the kind of recognition that will take root on Earth in the future.

People will have this kind of recognition and live with it as a value in their lives. Our eyes will be opened to a cosmic scale of recognition.

Right now, the Earth is in a time of spiritual awakening

Of course, there have been civilizations in Earth’s past that have been more advanced than the present.

However, the Age of Aquarius, the right time for spiritual evolution, is now upon the Earth. It is a time of spiritual awakening.

And it is a time of global spiritual awakening, including the development of enough science to go out into the universe.

What do we really need?

Not to be swept away by ego and greed, but to abandon falsehoods and live as we are as children of God.

We will regain our original way of life as children of God.

As the Earth in the universe, we will become a planet that can contribute to the evolution and development of the universe.

That is what the Space Age is all about, and it is also the time of our awakening as human beings on Earth.