Soul Creation by God in the Universe

God is the Energy of Love

The Aum Divine Spirit, the root God of the universe

All life in the universe was created from the Aum Divine Spirit, the root god of the universe.

Aum is the very energy of love itself and keeps all God’s children alive and nurtured.

This universe is called the “Aum Universe”. It is said that there are other universes besides the Aum Universe.

Each one of them has its own individuality, though we are not able to recognize them as such.

All souls end up in the Aum Divine Spirit

How has the creation of souls in the Aum Universe been done?

All souls can be traced back to the Aum Divine Spirit. In other words, the soul was created after being divided from Aum.

If we say that it was divided like a cell division, does that make it easier to imagine?

Each energy body split off from the Aum Divine Spirit

First, the energy body was created by separating from the Aum Divine Spirit. So, as part of Aum, they were divided as energy bodies.

First of all, it means that the energy body was created first. For example, these energy bodies are called galactic consciousness, stellar consciousness, and planetary consciousness.

After that, galaxies, stars, and planets were created in the three-dimensional material world. These are like a physical body in human terms. According to the free will of each energy body, they decide which one to inhabit by themselves.

Then, the angels now divided from the Aum God Spirit. These are the so-called personality spirits. They are not huge like galactic consciousness, stellar consciousness, etc., but dwell in human bodies like ours. It is an energy body, a soul with a personality.

And furthermore, many personality spirits also split off from that personality spirit.

We are all connected as one, from the root God to man

This is how the soul has been created, and it is all a branching out from the root, the Aum Divine Spirit.

For example, imagine a large tree. From its central large trunk, it divides into thicker and thinner branches, with leaves growing at the end. In just such a way, it is connected in a single line from the great God to human beings. That is the one universe.

That is why it is said that nature is the very image of God, and that is exactly what it is. So you can see that one big tree represents this one universe.

And there is not just one tree, but there are other trees that have different personalities.

That is to say, there is another universe next to the Aum Universe, but as we approach this point, it is quite beyond our perception, and we may have to wait and see what happens in the future.

Every soul is loved by the Aum Divine Spirit

In this way, each soul has been divided from the energy of the Aum Divine Spirit. Each soul has the thoughts and wishes of Aum in it.

All souls are loved by the Aum Divine Spirit and are never extinguished and are given eternal life.

From the personality spirit to the galactic consciousness, all of God’s children have unlimited evolutionary potential.