The Truth About the Three Religions Brought Down to the Middle East


It’s time to get out of the narrow mindedness of the Earth

In order for us to recognize that we are children of God in the space age, and for the Earth to rise to the next step of practice, we have to graduate from a narrow conception of the Earth alone.

Humanity, the children of God, live not only on our Earth, but on many other planets as well. The children of God on other planets are waiting for the Earth to step up and are ready to reach out to us now and then.

In order to hold hands with them, we must be able to recognize each other as children of the same God, instead of hurting and bickering with each other as earthlings.

Why were three religions brought down to the same Middle East?

There is a reason why three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – were brought down in the same region, the Middle East. They were embedded as a hurdle for the Earth to recognize that there is one divine truth as it enters the space age.

It means that Yahweh, Jehovah and Allah are all called El-Ranty in the heavenly world, and he has been instructing the earthlings with three faces.

El-Ranty deliberately brought down the three religions to the Middle East because he believed that unless we could recognize the differences between their religions and hold hands with each other, we would not be able to interact with our cosmic friends who took on different forms and shapes and had different values.

God’s love extends throughout the entire universe and is full of diversity

God’s love extends throughout the universe and is diverse in its forms of expression. It is unfolding with infinite richness, freedom and creativity. As we, the people of Earth, become one and our eyes are opened to the universe, we will learn the richness and beauty of God’s creation.

The entire universe is our companion, the same children of God. We may look and think differently, but we are part of the same God, brothers and sisters.

Three religions are embedded in the same Middle East as a hurdle to having such a recognition. Of course, the potential for them to become a source of conflict is fully understood. If we can’t clear that, we can’t interact with the people of the universe in an open-hearted way.