The Truth Of The Accelerating Expansion Of The Universe


The Accelerating Expanding Universe

It is said that this great Universe is still expanding and getting bigger. As space continues to expand, the expansion is accelerating.

Matter is attracted to each other by the universal gravitation force. Therefore, it was thought that the speed of the expansion of space would slow down, but on the contrary, the speed of the expansion is accelerating.

What does this mean?

The Giant God Warrior From “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”

We usually do not know what the macrocosm looks like because it is so huge.

However, for those who are able to expand their consciousness to the entire universe or to blend into it, the entire macrocosm seems to look just like our bodies.

It can be said to look like the Giant God Warrior in “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.” In other words, the macrocosm looks like a giant human being.

Our body has a head, a torso, two arms, and two legs. The macrocosm resembles the shape of that human body.

The Human Body Designed In The Image Of The God Of The Universe

Why does the macrocosm have a shape similar to that of the human body?

It is because God, who created the Universe, created our human bodies in His own image.

In fact, this vast universe is the body of God. God designed our bodies, His children, in His own image.

Our body has various organs, each of which fulfills its own role, forming one large organic body, right?

All of these things are the result of the appearance of the macrocosm being put into the human body.

For example, within the human body, there is the heart, eyes, hands, and feet. Even within the macrocosm, there are galaxies that play the role of the heart, eyes, hands, and feet.

For us humans, it is never easy to grasp the whole picture of the Universe because it is so huge. However, in fact, if you look at your own body, you will find that the entire macrocosm is contained in it.

The Macrocosm Is The Body Of God

The macrocosm is the body of God.

Within that body, human beings are also kept alive. Therefore, each of us is like a tiny little cell in God’s body.

No matter how small the cells are, none of them are unnecessary for the macrocosm. All of them are united and connected to form this entire macrocosm.

What The Accelerated Expansion Of The Macrocosm Means

What does it mean that the macrocosm is still in accelerated expansion? It means that this macrocosm is a young Universe in a growth phase.

This is the same as our human body growing larger as we grow from a child to an adult. In the same way, this macrocosm is also in a growth period of expansion and growth.

In other words, it is God’s will that the universe will continue to grow. It is not happening by chance, but God’s will is at work.

How Does The Great Universe End?

Just as our bodies stop growing at some point, the growth of the macrocosm will eventually come to a halt.

Although the scale of time is completely different from that of human beings, the macrocosm also has birth, growth, and life span in a much, much longer period of time.

Just as our bodies have a life span, the macrocosm, which is the body of God, also has a life span.

How does the macrocosm end? It is said to end with an explosion like a “supernova,” in which a star explodes and brightens rapidly at the end of its life.

The Material Body Have An End, But The Soul Has No End

This macrocosmic space is the body of God, and we are nurtured and kept alive within it as His cells, as part of Him.

If so, one might ask, “Just as everything ends when we die, does everything end when the macrocosm reaches the end of its life span?” Some people might think, “No, that’s not true. But that is never the case.

Our physical bodies may have an end, but our souls do not. It does not mean that everything comes to nothing when the lifespan of the body ends. We are essentially invisible souls, beings that have been given everlasting life.

When we die, we shed our physical bodies and return to the other world. The afterlife is more of a home to us. We are born again in this world at another time and in another environment and inhabit a physical body.

In this way, human beings repeat what is called “reincarnation.” We are souls that are born on the ground over and over again and live new lives in material bodies, growing and evolving, and are beings that live through and through.

Destruction And Creation Of The Macrocosm

There is no end to God’s life or to the life of us, God’s children, even if this macrocosm comes to its end in our lifespan. God is the energy of love that fills the Universe.

It is this macrocosm that is being developed in a wide variety of expressions through matter. Deep within it, the energy of God’s love flows through everything.

We are all differentiated from that love energy, which is God himself, and each of us exists as a tiny little love energy.

This is not the first time that this macrocosm was created. God has created the macrocosm many times in a very long span of time. In this way, God Himself is also growing and evolving through repeated destruction and creation.