We are the Eternal Travelers through the Universe

Eternal Soul

We are eternal travelers

Man is a child of God and a “traveler” with eternal life.

Human beings travel across planets and, for some time, live in different bodies in their planetary environment. We drift through the universe in the eternal life of our souls, learning to love on each planet as we travel in search of the possibility of expressing our love.

We are born on Earth now, but we will not stay here forever. When graduation time comes, some of us will leave for another planet together.

In addition to this, we must also think about how we can contribute to other planets as people of Earth. They will also have the opportunity to leave the Earth to contribute to the evolution of other planets.

The memories of the trip will be recorded forever

For us, the journey is a memory that remains in our souls as an eternal record. It is the same with this life. We were happy. Sadness. Things that went well. The failures. All of them will remain as memories, one by one. There is nothing else we can take with us except those memories.

How did you survive as the hero of your life? That is recorded in our souls like a movie.

So the important thing is to savor that life as if you were the hero of the story. You have to take that life in its entirety and enjoy it. There are things that you can only learn in that environment, in that time period, in that relationship.

Another important thing to do is to live honestly with yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, but live your life as you are. It doesn’t mean that we can’t hurt others. I believe that this is the most important thing for our soul to grow.

Every soul’s drama is recorded in the Akashic Record

A journey is a drama.

The protagonist of that drama is ourselves, and if we move to another planet, we will live a different drama. The drama of each person’s life is recorded in this universe. Every event that happens in each soul is recorded in the cosmic archive called the “Akashic Record”.

It remains as a drama that unfolded in this divine world.