From elementary to middle school level stars


Earth is an elementary level planet in space

What stage in the universe is the Earth at?

There are many stars in the universe that are more advanced than the Earth, and each planet is in its own stage of evolutionary development.

There is no such thing as an absence of life on other planets, and each planet has its own role and mission in the universe.

It is said that the Earth is a elementary level planet.

In a sense, the fact that we are still at a very young stage of warfare due to racial and religious differences means that we are still in a very early stage, and the current state of our planet is that we are trying to take the next step in the future, to move up to the middle school level.

The roots of Earth’s people are alien

Originally, the physical ancestors of earthlings were aliens. It is said that the physical ancestors of Earth humans were 60 million people who came from the planet Be-Elda in the Large Magellanic Cloud by spacecraft about 365 million years ago.

Be-Elda is a very scientifically advanced planet, a graduate level planet in the universe. From there, many people left their home planet to try their best from the ground up on a new planet, with the idea of balancing science and faith, and led by a great guiding spirit called El-Ranty, made a great migration to this planet.

Since then, about one billion people came from a star in the direction of Orion about 270 million years ago, and about two billion people came from a star in the direction of Pegasus about 130 million years ago. We have also hosted many other immigrants from other planets.

This means that Earth is a planet where many of them have come from various stars in terms of their roots and are practicing their souls.

Stepping up from the elementary level to the middle school level means that the time has come for us to have the perspective of the “Earth in the Universe”.

From elementary to middle school level stars

Everything that exists in the universe is a child of God and a part of God, having been created by God, who created this great universe.

The God of this macrocosm is the energy of love itself and everything is connected to one another by that energy.
Even the stars are born to express God’s love, and all are no different than the stars of love.

However, even though they are stars of love, there are various stages of love, and the fact that children of the same God are hurting each other, fighting and warring with each other is still a very young stage from the more advanced stars of the universe, and it is still at the elementary school level.

It is not required to be difficult to step up from elementary school to the middle school level.
All we need is for humanity to come to a common understanding that God is the energy of love that fills the universe and that human beings, as children of God, are souls given eternal life and transmigration and reincarnation.