Breaking Out Of Homogeneity, New Evolution And Development From Diversity


People Of Similar Vibrations Gather

People who emit similar vibrations attract each other because of the law that runs through the Universe.

In our society, it is common to see people with similar ideas and characteristics naturally gather together, even in a group of people with a certain purpose, such as a company or a team.

It is also possible for them to influence each other and become close in vibration, that is, they become similar to each other as they spend a lot of time together in that society.

This can be easily understood by considering a married couple or a family, for example, as they spend a lot of time together, they may come to resemble each other.

Simply Being In Homogeneity Does Not Create New Evolution And Development

When this happens, the group or team becomes cohesive and comfortable with each other. However, when we are comfortable with such homogeneity, we lose the ability to develop, and evolution and growth come to a halt.

If we simply exclude, do not accept, and do not understand those who have different ideas, opinions, and backgrounds from our own, we will not be able to achieve new development.

Nowadays, people often talk about “diversity. The idea is not to exclude differences and fight each other, but to respect and recognize each other’s values, culture, religion, etc., in order to achieve harmony and create a more wonderful world.

This diversity may cause friction and some confusion, but it will create new evolution and promote growth in a way that could not be achieved by a group of similar people alone.

Diversity And Challenges Of Planet Earth

This is not only true for our society, but also for the Universe, each and every star.

A star is like a family or a team. Some stars are united, harmonized, and stable with similar values. However, it is also possible for a planet to stagnate and even degenerate.

The planet Earth, where we live, is inhabited by souls from various stars in the Universe, and their backgrounds are diverse. It may be true that this is why it is a planet where it is difficult to coexist.

However, this Earth accepts the souls of all people in the Universe and aims to achieve great harmony from its diversity. For other stars that seem to be stagnant in the cosmos today, we are boldly taking on such a challenge, contributing to the evolution and growth of the entire Universe again by showing them a sample and a surprise that this way of evolution is possible. It is the planet Earth that we live on.

Each Is A Child Of God In The Universe And An Expression Of God

The key then is that we are all children of the God of the Universe.

No matter what our differences may be, each of us is a manifestation of the God of the Universe, a precious being who shares God’s individuality as part of love.

Even if you and your friend are fighting, you two are still children of the same God, and you are still brothers and sisters. From God’s point of view, it is just like brothers and sisters fighting and hurting each other.

If you are a parent, you want your children to get along with each other without fighting, don’t you? In the same way, God wants us to love each other, help each other, and live together.

Even if there are differences among each of us that are difficult to understand or accept, the other person is also an expression of God.

By turning this into a generous realization that “God also manifests His character in this way,” and by praising each other for our differences, I believe that we can express greater love. I believe that by doing so, we can create a more wonderful world in which God is pleased.

The Evolution Of The Macrocosm Depends On The Evolution Of Each Individual

Everyone, without exception, exists loved by God, who created this macrocosm. Each of us is directly connected to God through our hearts.

With this connection to God, we are asked to cooperate with those around us who are now living with us, and to find a way to evolve and grow together.

The macrocosm and we are not separate and discrete entities.

Each one of us is a part of this macrocosm. With each individual’s evolution, the star itself evolves. And also, through the evolution of each individual star, the galaxy evolves, and the macrocosm evolves.

It is through this connection and oneness that the macrocosm itself is evolving.