History of Migration to Earth from Other Planets


The Earth accepts many different souls in the universe

This planet we live on, Earth, accepts many different souls from the universe.

This is because the Earth Consciousness is willing to accept many different souls and express the great harmony from the diversity.

An attempt to create humanity on Earth by nine-dimensional spirits

The first personality spirit that came to Earth is said to be El-Kantale. It is the spirit known as Buddha in our current civilization.

He is a ninth-dimensional spirit, and he tried to create the human race on Earth in cooperation with the aliens, but it did not work.

So he decided to call three ninth-dimensional spirits from each of the other planets.They were called Amor, Moses, and Selabim. In our current civilization, these are the souls who are born as Jesus Christ, Moses and Confucius.

The four of them worked together to try to create humanity, but they did not succeed.

Ninth-dimensional spirits are the most highly evolved God-like people as personality spirits, and they are the leaders and responsible for the planet.

It’s not easy for even such nine-dimensional spirits to create humanity. On the contrary, I think that is how great God is.

Sixty million people from Be-Elda, 365 million years ago

Eventually, they decided to call humans from other planets. This was about 365 million years ago.From the planet Be-Elda, in the Great Magellanic Cloud, about 60 million people came to Earth in physical form. Be-Elda is a planet of advanced science.

Those 60 million people were led by a nine-dimensional spirit called El-Ranty. The seven archangels, such as Archangel Michael, also came from Be-Elda at this time.

The physical ancestors of the Earth people came from another planet called Be-Elda.

One billion people from Orion 270 million years ago

Then, about 270 million years ago, about a billion people came to Earth from a star in the direction of Orion.

The planet known as Orion is responsible for bringing plants to the entire universe. It also brought a variety of plants and flowers to Earth.

It is said that most of the people who came from Orion came in spirit, and only about 200 people came in the body.

The most common people who came from Orion were artists. Three nine-dimensional spirits came at this time and are called Maitreya, Manu and Kaitron.

Two billion people from Pegasus 130 million years ago

Furthermore, about 130 million years ago, about two billion people came from a planet in the direction of Pegasus. All of them came to Earth in spirit bodies at this time.

They were very active people, and the nine dimensional spirits who came at this time were Zeus and Zoroaster.

The Earth is the melting pot of the souls in the universe

Thus, there have been several great migrations to the Earth, and since then, the Earth has received many souls as migrants.

It is said that America is a melting pot of races, but the Earth is truly a melting pot of souls in the universe.

Although some of them are from Earth, many souls have actually come to Earth from other planets.